Round 7 Tomahawk GNCC | Photo Report

Round 7 Tomahawk GNCC | Photo Report

June 5, 2019

by Kyle Wolfe
Photos by Darrin Chapman

The GNCC series reached the half way point at Round 7, the Tomahawk, in Odessa, New York. Rain leading into the weekend put moisture into the ground, which would already be different from previous years, where it is typically dry and dusty in the Seneca highlands. After near perfect conditions on Saturday, the facility received some rain overnight. But then the rains came again just before the start of the 8 A.M. youth race, lasting for about 45 minutes. Everyone was ready to go for the 1 P.M. Pro race with no rain showing on the radar. During the second lap, the rains came again, a hard drizzle hammering the course. Conditions went from bad to worse for the rest of the 3 hour race. Riders were barely recognizable through all the wet mud, and had to fight to keep the bikes running all the way to the end. Round 8 takes place at the famous Snowshoe Ski Resort in Snowshoe, West Virginia on June 23rd.

Jason Lipscomb ran with the established group of the XC3 class, eventually finishing 5th.
Wheels up during opening ceremonies.
Jonathon Johnson had his best start of the year, eventually finishing in seventh in XC2.
Cory B feeling good about the mud.
Triston Landrum navigating one of the tough muddy hills before the rains came.
Evan Smith overcame rough luck at the start to fight for a top 5 spot, until a mechanical issue took him out of the race on the last lap.
Cory Buttrick taking home 8th overall on the day.
This is 2 laps into the race and he's still clean.
Brody Johnson finished 5th in 250A. 
Cory B isn't so clean anymore. This is with two laps to go.

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