Round 3 Thunder Valley MX National | Photo Report

Round 3 Thunder Valley MX National | Photo Report

June 5, 2019

Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

We took thing to Thunder Valley MX for Round 3 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship this past weekend. There was a slight delay when sudden downpour pulled a red flag on the first moto and things got pretty rutty for moto two. It got tacky and made for some great racing. Here's a look at things from Colorado at Round 3.

Brad Lionnet dicing it up in that rich Thunder Valley dirt.
Jerry Robin focused on the task ahead.
#464 Branden Brill
No mucking around for this guy.
Off the start for the 250s.
Nathen LaPorte took 38th in moto one.
Jerry Robin grabbed himself 20th in the first moto.
Back to form. Henry Miller looking great out there on his KTM.
Josh Prior tearing through the ruts.
Indiana native Steve Vuckson.
Things got a tad mucky after the first moto.
Nathen LaPorte finished 38-31 for 36th overall.
Josh Prior would wrap things up on Saturday with 39th overall.
Brad Lionnet would take 27-23 for 25th overall.
Henry Miller rounded out his day with a solid finish going 13-20 for 16th overall.
See you guys at High Point!

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