A true lifesaving Technology


F.A.S.T. insulation is made from an expanded, low-density polyethylene foam membrane that offers buoyancy assistance for up to two hours.

Floatation Assist

The cold shock response is the first thing to occur after entering freezing water. An initial involuntary deep gasp is followed by massive hyperventilation that can be up to 1000% greater than normal breathing. If the rider’s airway is below the water line at this time, the rider risks drowning.

Self Leveling

F.A.S.T.TM technology brings the rider to the surface quickly, keeping the head above water while the rider gets through the initial Cold Shock Response and can attempt to exit the water.

Mobility Unrestricted

Cold incapacitation begins to set in during the first 10 minutes of immersion. Loss of use of fingers/arms/legs lead to swim failure, and eventually drowning, if the rider is not able to get out of the water quickly and is not wearing a floatation suit.

Escape Assist

F.A.S.T.TM insulation retains buoyancy properties for up to 2hrs and is strategically positioned within the suit to allow unrestricted movement, both on the sled and getting out of the water. FXR boots are a key component to mobility, and exiting the water, due to the use of highly buoyant materials.

Rapid Drainage

Each gallon of water that is trapped inside the suit is equal to an additional 10lbs of weight, which can make survival and exiting the water extremely difficult, especially on thin ice. Rapid Drain inserts in the jacket/pants allow water to drain as the rider exists the water, reducing the weight and effort required to exit as well as reducing the risk that the ice will break through again.

Wet/Dry Insulation

Once out, F.A.S.T.TM retains its thermal properties even when wet to keep body temperatures from dropping.

Get Out. Get Home. Protect your Family.

Watch as FXR's Athlete & Professional Snowmobiler, Levi Lavallee, demonstrates how our F.A.S.T.TM technology works.