Updates from Europe

Updates from Europe

June 6, 2019

by Gjermund Frostad


This weekend, we had one of the biggest extreme enduro events in Europe The Erzberg Rodeo in Austria. 200 000 spectators came out to see how many riders could climb to the top of the giant mountain. This year 16 riders made it. We had a huge performance from our South African rider Travis Teasdale who managed to muscle through and took 10th overall. Husqvarna/ FXR rider Kevin Gallas unfortunately didn't make it through because he had some bike problems that forced him out. Young British rider Jack Spencer came a long way up the mountain before his time ran out.
Here are a couple of videos from the event:
Video Travis: https://www.facebook.com/travisteasdaleracing/videos/306681273549513/
Video Kevin:

Travis Teasdale | @nikipeerphotography
Kevin Gallas
Jack Spencer


It was the second round in the German ADAC MX Masters series in Möggers, Austria. Dennis Ullrich had a really good race in this hard competition taking on such factory riders as Jeffery Herlings, Jeremy Seewer, Tanel Leok and Valentin Guillod. Dennis came home in 4th place. A small mistake with a lapped rider cost him the podium. Overall he is in second place in the championship.

Dennis Ullrich  | Courtesy of ADAC Masters


In UK we had not so good news from the Yamaha Rob Hooper team. At the Maxxis British Motocross championship Ryan Houghton had a huge crash at the start of the race and broke his neck and femur, fortunately he is not paralyzed after this horrible crash. Some news features from Ryan's crash here: http://gatedrop.com/ryan-houghton-latest-update-broken-neck-and-femur/. And here http://gatedrop.com/rob-hooper-racing-give-ryan-houghton-update/

In MX2 FXR claimed a spot on the podium with Yamaha rider Jason Peters.

Jason Peters take 3rd place. | Descent Media photo


At the AMCA UK MX Championship Neville Bradshaw and Josh Waterman were 1 and 5 in the overall and Neville is now leading the championship. 

Neville Bradshaw | @scorchimages
Josh Waterman | Leigh Wootton photography


This weekend Sweden held both MX and Enduro Nationals. Fillip Bengtsson was second behind MXGP rider Kevin Strijbos but expanded the lead in the championship. It was a muddy read in Uddevalla and Fillip had a bad crash on Sunday morning practice. So second was good for the overall championship. 

Fillip Bengtsson | MX Carro photo
Leopold Ambjørnsson | MX Carro photo

In Østhamar where the National Enduro Championship took place. Still riddled with illness, Albin Elowson managed to pull off a second overall. Hanna Berzelius won the Women's class and Martin Larsson was second in E3.

Albin Elowson E2 | Fototummen photo
Martin Larsson E3 | Fototummen photo
Hanna Berzelius | Emma Eriksson photo


The Dutch Masters series was held in Holland last Thursday. A bad start crash for Kevin Horgmo where he got the handlebar rammed into his helmet and broke his jaw. Unfortunately that puts him out for a few races. Creymert Racing 125 rider Håkon Østerhagen had a really good day and fought with the best 125 riders in Europe. He ended up with 6th overall.

Get well soon Kevin!
Håkon Østerhagen | Nickphotograph

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