Round 1 Calgary MX National | Photo Report

Round 1 Calgary MX National | Photo Report

June 4, 2019

Photos by James Lissimore

The gate dropped in Calgary this weekend for Round 1 of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour. Right from the hop I can tell this is going to be a heated summer. Newly added to the circuit is the FXR Pre-Mix series where we had the likes of Mike Brown show up at Cowtown to dominate on his 2-Stroke. We saw some good battles up front in the Women's class and there are some great contenders for both 250 and 450. No one is going to run away with either of these classes by the looks of things. It was great to see Marshal Weltin make the move up to Canada on the Sky Racing team. He was really a wild card but after round one it's a safe bet that we are going to see this guy on the podium quite a few times this summer. Team CTR Motorsports rider Josh Osby was the dark horse of the day taking the win with a 2-2 in the 250 Pro class and we saw OTSFF rider Phil Nicoletti snag himself a 2-2 for 3rd OA in the 450 Pro class. Let's take a look at the action from round one.


Home town girl Shelby Turner back after injury kept her out of the series last summer.
Wyoming native Nicole Gaudern finished 19th OA.
Shelby Turner took the win in moto one.
British Columbia rider Kassee Morrison would take 18th OA.
A tip over in moto two put Shelby Turner back and cost her. She would finish the day with 2nd OA.

250 PRO

Local boy Teren Gerber suits ready to take on the 250 class here on the cement start.
Josh Osby will be the guy to keep your eye on.
Wyatt Waddell would take 19-20 for 22nd overall.
Quebec native William Crete put in a solid rider with 15-12 for 12th overall.
Wide open for the BC rookie, Tyler Gibbs who took 34-16 for 18th OA.
Slinging it out with Hayden Halstead #27 and Teren Gerber #26.
A good ride for BC rider #571 Daniel Mathe who grabbed 18-14 for 16th OA. #325 Tallon Unger would finish with 22-23 for 26th OA.
Marshal Weltin will be a powerhouse this summer.
Weltin would finish with an impressive 4-4 for 4th overall.
Nova Scotia rider Davey Fraser finished with 23-25 for 28th OA.
Some tough luck for Sky Racing rider Christopher Fortier who will be sitting out the next couple rounds after experiencing a concussion. He finished with 40-36 for 37th OA in Calgary.
Royal Distributing/Yamaha/FXR/MX101 boys Marco Cannella #46 and #27 Hayden Halstead.
Marco Cannella would take 10-9 for 9th overall.
Back from a leg injury, Hayden Halstead put in a descent ride considering he's not had much time back on the bike.
Halstead would finish with 16-27 for 19th overall.
Anthony Spadaccini took 20-33 for 24th overall.
Putting on a fantastic ride at Wildrose MX park Josh Osby took 2-2 to give him the overall win.
Taking the big win in moto 1, Luke Renzland went on to finish 6th in moto 2 to give him 2nd overall.
Stars were aligned for Renzland in the first moto and gets some TV time on the podium.
Taking that red plate into Prince George this weekend. Josh Osby claims his place on the podium.
Your 250 Pro podium.
Time to do a little celebrating.

450 Pro

Shawn Maffenbeier finding his groove in Calgary.
Maffenbeier had an impressive day in Calgary taking 6-5 for 5th overall.
Rookie Sam Gaynor looked comfortable out on the Wild Rose track.
Gaynor would take 13-15 for 14th overall. Not a bad start for Sam's season at all.
Top contender for the 450s, Phil Nicoletti threw down some pretty awesome laps in Calgary and his experience shows that he will be a force this summer.
Mike Brown made his return to Canada this weekend and not only finished top 10 in the 450 class but continued the momentum by signing up for the FXR Pre-Mix series as well.
Mike would finish with a 10-9 for 9th overall.
Right behind Mike was Sky Racing rider Cade Clason who took 9-10 for 10th overall.
Home town boy Keylan Meston had some great starts and finished with 8-7 for 7th overall.
Watch for good things to come in the Meston camp.
Eric Jeffery would finish 24-21 for 23rd overall.
Top FXR guy in the 450 class was Phil Nicoletti taking 2-2 for 3rd overall.
Now if the dang lappers would just get out of my way...
Your 450 Pro podium.

Pre-Mix Series

Ontario native Nathan Bles had fun out there finishing 2-2 for 2nd overall.
No one could touch Mike Brown in the 2-stroke class. See you guys in Prince George.

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