January 25-26, 2019

Days of ’76 Rodeo Grounds

Writing and Photos by Crystal Wallem Photography

Rounds 7 & 8 of Amsoil Championship Snocross were held in historic Deadwood, South Dakota—famous for gold, gambling, gun-slinging, and the final resting place of Wild Bill Hickock. This past weekend marked the half way point of the season. FXR athletes are currently leading the points race in 10 out of the 15 classes in the sport.


What better way to kick us off than with an FXR podium sweep?

Shane Beasley #924 went 1-1 in his heats and kept the momentum going into his final where he landed in 3rd. Beasley is currently 2nd in points.

Avery Hemmer #415 was ripping all day—1-2 in her heats and a big 2nd place podium finish. Hemmer is now 5th in points.

Brady Freeland #831 placed 2-8 in his heats and scored the win in the final. Freeland is currently your points leader.


Your current points leader, Dylan Lebel #522, started the day off going 4-2 in his heats. Lebel finished 2nd in the final.

Hunter Laase #373 had a bit of a tough start to the day, placing 6-7 in his heats. Laase rallied in the final and snagged the top spot on the box. Laase is 3rd in points midway through the season.

JR Girls 9-13

Unfortunately, there was only one entry for this class for the second race weekend in a row. On the bright side, Naã˂li Lebel #518 was granted an automatic 1st place. Lebel was able to get some seat time in and raced against the boys in another class. Lebel is 1st in points in the JR Girls 9-13 class.

JR 10-13

Consistent Kellen Chapuran #254 scores another 1st place podium finish and is currently 1st in points.


Back on the podium, Kellen Chapuran #254 snags yet another 1st place. Additionally, Chapuran won both of his heats and is also 1st in points in this class.

JR 14-15

Jordan Lebel #511 is your current points leader in the JR 14-15 class. Lebel went 1-1 in his heats on Saturday and finished off 3rd on the podium.

Drew Freeland #821 scored 2-8 in his heats and stood atop the 2nd place spot on the box. Freeland is now 2nd in the points race.

JR 16-17

Jordan Lebel #511 and Drew Freeland #821 duke it out again.

Freeland places 3rd in the final and is your current points leader.

Lebel scores the win and is 3rd in points.


Jordan Lebel #511 placed 1-3 in his heats on Friday and scored the big win in the final.

It was a great day of racing for Jake Belair #228 on Saturday—3-2 in his heats and 2nd in the final. Belair is now 5th in points. Jordan Lebel #511 makes another podium appearance, placing 1st in the final as well as in the points race.


With the schedule overlapping with this year’s X-Games in Aspen, many of our Snowbike athletes were competing out in Colorado this weekend. But Austen Madison #41 and Jaqueline Riess #27 put on quite a show for everyone in Deadwood.

Jacqueline Riess #27 got down to business this weekend, placing 3rd in Friday night’s final and 2nd in Saturday’s final. Riess is currently 10th in the points race.

Austen Madison #41 scores double wins this weekend in Deadwood. Madison has already worked his way up to 2nd in points.


Team Lebel Racing’s Samuel Blouin #878 was fast all day, going 2-1 in his heats and taking the win in Friday night’s Sport final. Blouin is your current points leader.

Team Lebel Racing’s Samuel Blouin #878 was fast all day, going 2-1 in his heats and taking the win in Friday night’s Sport final. Blouin is your current points leader.

Taylor Cole #714 went 2-3 in his heats on Saturday and snags his first 1st place finish in this class. Cole is now 5th in points.


After a rough off in her first heat on Friday, Taven Woodie #873 picked herself back up and raced to 3rd spot on the box for the final. Woodie is currently 2nd in the points race.

Malene Andersen #93 was really ripping on Friday, placing 1-2 in her heats. Andersen flew through her final and scored a huge win.

Andersen kept the momentum going into Saturday’s races where she landed in 2nd for the final. Andersen is now 3rd in points.


Max Taillefer and his #144 Ski-Doo have been ripping this season. Taillefer went 2-4 in his heats and landed in the #2 spot in Friday night’s Pro Lite final. Taillefer is sitting 4th in points.

Woodie’s Racing’s Nisse Kjellstrom #27 had very differing heats—8th in heat one and 1st in heat two. Kjellstrom kept the winning streak going after his success in his second heat, scoring the win in Friday night’s final. Kjellstrom is currently 5th in points.


Pro rookie Aki Pihlaja #128, aboard the Boss Racing Jimmy John’s sled, was off to a good start on Friday, going 3-1 in his heats. With only three laps left in the final, the Ski-Doo rider had a nasty off resulting in a red flagged race and a restart. The start of Saturday’s Pro races was a bit of a challenge for Pihlaja who took 8th in his first heat. Pihlaja shook it off and bounced back for a heat win in his second round. Keeping the momentum going into Saturday night’s Pro final, Pihlaja snagged the holeshot and led the entire race for his first career Pro win.


First in points @ 351pts – ELIAS ISHOEL #200

Fourth in points @ 318pts – KODY KAMM #53

Sixth in points @ 289pts – AKI PIHLAJA #128

Eighth in points @ 256pts – KYLE PALLIN #324

Ninth in points @ 221pts – PETTER NARSA #54

Twelfth in points @ 214pts – JOHAN LIDMAN #52

Sixteenth in points @ 152pts – MONTANA JESS #765

Next stop—the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mount Pleasant, Michigan for rounds 9 and 10 of Amsoil Championship Snocross.

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