Round 5 San Diego Supercross | Photo Report

Round 5 San Diego Supercross | Photo Report

February 6, 2019

by Dawn McClintock
Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

What a race! I'm not sure I have ever seen a soupier supercross than this past weekend in San Diego. Track crews kept tarps on the track all day Saturday to prevent saturation but the rains came after the tarps were pulled off and it just kept pouring. The lime poured on the track was no challenge for the pooled water that continued to rise. All reports this week also indicate that the lime used has caused several riders to experience caustic burns as well as corroded bikes, leaving some without the ability to ride this week and some without a functional bike. I think if you could pick a race you would want scratched from the series it would be this one for both rider and series promotor alike. Kudos go out to those riders who were able to actually qualify for the main and survive til the finish. Here's a look from Petco Park in San Diego.

I wonder what the average number layers of tear-offs and roll-offs used that night.
Joan Cros taking it through a quick timed qualifier.
#608 David Pulley
#733 Steve Mages
AJ Catanzaro sizes up the ever-changing track conditions.
Off the start with the 450s through Lake Gate.
#501 Scotty Wennerstrom
#282 Bubba Pauli heads out for his heat.
AJ Catanzaro would take 20th in his heat race.
Ronnie Stewart hoping for clearer vision.
Heath Harrison had a 6th place finish in his heat race.
Bubba Pauli would take 10th in his heat.
Ronnie Stewart navigates through the water and takes 12th in his heat race.
AJ Catanzaro wishing he had a canoe instead of a bike.
Catanzaro would round out his night in the LCQ with a 15th place finish.
The track took it's share of prisoners...not this guy.
Bubba Pauli hauling it in the LCQ to take 2nd place and get his way into the main.
This was the view from the start gate. Better bring your water wings fellas.
Looking forward to moving things on to Minneapolis.
Joan Cros would slug it out but fell short in the LCQ with 11th.
Chris Blose holds tight with a solid 9th in points as we turn things over to the eastern leg of the series. We will regroup with our west coast guys in Atlanta for the East/West shootout.
See you in Minneapolis!

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