Round 4 Oakland Supercross | Photo Report

Round 4 Oakland Supercross | Photo Report

January 30, 2019

by Dawn McClintock
Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

Round four is in the books and we are all looking forward to what San Diego has to bring. The threat of a mudder is a high possibility for this coming weekend so it could be a game changer for some riders. As we look back on Oakland we saw another great finish for AJE Motorsports rider Chris Blose who is currently sitting tied for 6th place. I guess we will see what sort of mud rider Chris is this weekend. Sadly we saw Blose's team mate get injured during practice. Justin Starling holds out hope that he will be back really soon. Heal up soon Justin. We also saw guys like Jerry Robin and Ronnie Stewart slugging it out and getting the job done in the main events. Let's take a look from Oakland.

Final touches in the AJE Motorsports camp.
Scotty Wennerstrom with his best GQ pose.
The waiting game...
Formation taking place in staging.
AJ Catanzaro
Heath Harrison
Heath Harrison would not have the results he was hoping for and looks ahead for San Diego.
Ronnie Stewart grabbed 11th in his heat race.
Joan Cros fall just short of qualifying for the main with a 6th in the LCQ.
Justin Starling
Not the weekend #60 was hoping for. Justin Starling had an run in with another rider during timed practice that will leave him sidelined for a bit.
Starling ended up with a fractured wrist and say he should be back for Atlanta.
Pre-race chill session.
Go time for Heath Harrison.
Harrison took 20th in his heat.
Chris Blose would grab 5th place in his heat race.
Jerry Robin takes it over the wall jump. He would take 8th in his heat race.
Bubba Pauli with his game face on.
Lining up the usual suspects.
Mister sure and steady, Ronnie Stewart pushes his way through the LCQ and gets himself into the main.
Bubba Pauli would take 15th in his heat.
Joan Cros grabbed 14th in his heat race.
Pauli would take 10th in the LCQ to finish out his day.
AJ Catanzaro took 15th in the LCQ.
Ronnie Stewart would finish in 20th place.
Blose on the hunt.
Beast mode.
Another impressive ride for the AJE Motorsports rider Chris Blose who took 9th.
Jerry Robin would round out his night taking home 12th place.
See you guys in San Diego!

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