Walton TransCan Grand National Championship | Photo Gallery

Walton TransCan Grand National Championship | Photo Gallery

August 23, 2019

Photos by James Lissimore

It's every kid's dream to make it to the big leagues. Part of getting to that point means a ton of hard work, loads of money, an understanding employer who allows additional time off to travel to races and of course natural ability is a bonus. At the Walton TransCan National Championship we have seen our fair share of riders work their way through the ranks as young amateur to blossoming intermediate rider, to finally turning pro. The Walton TransCan has been around for over 25 years and has been dubbed as the Canadian model of Loretta Lynn's Amateur National. It's not just the nation's best that come to qualify and then compete but riders from all over North America and beyond make their pilgrimage to Walton, Ontario to do battle with top riders. The goal is to earn that coveted golden bib and by the end of the week still be holding on to it. We had several FXR athletes come to this testing ground and came out on top. We would like to congratulate all of our riders who firstly qualified for Walton and those who earned their spot on the podium. James Lissimore was on site all week and has provided us with a full gallery of images so sit back and enjoy 2019 Walton TransCan National Championship right here!

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