Round 8 Walton MX National | Photo Report

Round 8 Walton MX National | Photo Report

August 21, 2019

Photos by James Lissimore

We close the door on the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour after 8 hard-fought rounds with plenty of shining moments for our FXR athletes. Through rain and shine, we've had every type of condition thrown at us this summer and we are very proud of what our athletes have accomplished to get where they are in the series. It's always kind of bittersweet when we bid farewell to the outdoor season and it helped that this one went out with a bang. Congratulations to Phil Nicoletti and his team for putting his head down and getting the job done in the 450 class to take 3rd overall for the series. This puts him in a good position for overall Triple Crown series points as we turn things to the SX Tour next month. Here's a look at how things went down at Walton this year.

250 PRO

Go time for Davey Fraser.
Anthony Spadaccini took 23-20 for 24th overall.
Teren Gerber had a rough weekend with DNF.
First Pro race for Jamie Powell was a success with a 16-16 for 17th overall.
A wicked holeshot for Tyler Gibbs and a strong day at Walton with 22-10 for 16th overall.
A great ride for Quebec rider William Crete who took home 18-8 for 12th overall.
Hayden Halstead suits up in his brand new 2020 Revo Blue/Hi-Vis/White kit.
Halstead charged from last place in the second moto to pull off a 12th place.
Halstead hammered hard at Walton to take 10-12 for a solid 9th overall.
Hayden currently sits 12th overall in series points.
Davey Fraser got some serious track time in during the TransCan that proved beneficial for him on pro day. Fraser took 11-13 for 11th overall.
Josh Osby lines up in the new 2020 Revo Navy/Hi-Vis/Nuke Red kit.
Osby would take 5-36 for 14th overall.
Josh currently sits 9th overall in Triple Crown series points.
Jayce Pennington had a rough go at Walton with a 36-33 for 36th overall.
A crash in the first lap squashed Luke Renzland's hopes for the day.
Renzland round out the outdoors sitting 7th in points.
The Royal Distributing/FXR/Yamaha Canada MX101 Racing guys were all suited up in 2020 gear and the new 6D/FXR colab helmets.
The new 6D ATR-2 Race Div helmets in Hi-vis/Blue/Black were proudly displayed by the Royal Distributing/FXR/Yamaha Canada MX101 Racing team at Walton.
Marco Cannella gearing up to do battle.
Cannella had his best round at Walton with a 4-3 for a 4th overall.
Cannella currently sits 6th overall in series points.
Marshal Weltin on gate prep.
How about that 2020 Revo White/Purple/Lime kit that the Sky Racing guys had going on!
Weltin was hardcore all day at Walton.
Marshal Weltin would finish the day with an impressive 4-3 for 3rd overall.
Marshal comes away from the MX Tour sitting 4th in series points.
Weltin gets his well earned time on the podium.
Your Walton 250 Pro podium with Marshal Weltin taking 3rd spot on the step.

450 PRO

Shining bright on the start in his new 2020 Helium Coral/Blue/Hi-Vis kit, we welcomed snocross phenomenon Kody Kamm to the Walton national.
No stranger to riding on two wheels as well, Kody settled in and rode very well on the Walton track.
Kamm would take 14-12 for 12th overall.
Keylan Meston cracking out his 2020 Revo Blue/Hi-Vis/White kit at Walton.
Wardrobe change for moto 2 with REvo Navy/Hi-Vis/Nuke Red.
A stellar outdoor season for Meston with 5-6 for 5th overall at Walton and he brings home a 6th place in the points.
Meston grabbing that hole shot cheque.
Liam O'Farrell was primed after riding the TransCan all week.
O'Farrell would take 37-7 for 15th overall.
Club MX guy Brandon Haas would take 16-19 for 17th overall.
Eric Jeffery sat with 19-17 for 19th overall and 16th overall in the series.
Cade Clason ready for action in his 2020 Revo Hi-Vis/Black/Charcoal/White gear.
Cade was also rocking the new 6D ATR-2 Race Div helmet this weekend.
Cade pushed hard at Walton and took 9-9 for 8th overall.
Clason rounds out the outdoor season with an impressive 5th in points.
California native, Richard Taylor came up to take on the final round.
Taylor would grab 11-14 for 11th overall.
Sam Gaynor gate prep next to team mate Phil Nicoletti
It was a break out year to say the least for rookie Sam Gaynor who only got stronger as things moved east.
Gaynor would take 10-10 for 10th overall and also sits 10th in series points.
Back in action was Shawn Maffenbeier after being out for 2 rounds with shoulder injury.
You can bet that Maff was working through the pain with all the crazy bumps and ruts that spread the entire Walton track.
Shawn wearing his new 2020 Revo White/Red/Charcoal/Black kit.
Muscling through his pain, Maffenbeier was able to finish with a solid 13-13 for 13th overall.
Shawn sits 8th in series points as we head into the supercross rounds.
There was no stopping this guy at Walton.
Phil Nicoletti suits up to do battle.
You could tell that Phil was on a mission and wanted this win...bad.
Working his way through every obstacle/lapper, Phil found every line possible on that track.
Taking the win in moto two and with a 3rd place in the first moto, Phil would take the overall at Walton.
Top dog in the 450 class at Walton also crowns you King of Walton. Congratulations Phil!
That smile says it all.
Your Triple Crown MX Tour podium with Phil Nicoletti taking 3rd overall. Congratulations goes out to Colton Facciotti who took the overall win for the series and we want to wish him all the best as he hangs up his boots after a long successful career.
See you in September when things kick off for the SX Tour in Montreal, QC September 14th!

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