February 1, 2022

Photos by: SwapMotoLive

Rounds 1-4 of the 2022 Supercross season have been some of the most exciting races to date.  Bar to bar battles, great results, and stand out gear on FXR riders have been the talk of the races.  Round 1 in Anaheim was also the launch of the 2022.5 Sping Edition gear.  The Club MX team of Garrett Marchbanks, Alex Martin, and Nique Thury stole the show for best dressed in the new Cotton Candy Revo Gear.  450 stand outs of Kyle Chisholm, Freddie Noren, and Justin Starling debuted the Fla-Mango and Tequila Sunset Revo Gear which was also a big hit.  The series then headed south a bit for San Diego and our FXR riders showed their Military Appreciation with one off gear for the occation.  

Through 4 rounds FXR riders have had great results with top 5's, top 10's and lots of riders in the night's main events.  Take a look below to see how the riders are sitting in the 2022 series point thus far...

2022 450 Point Standings

1            Eli Tomac

2            Chase Sexton

3            Jason Anderson

4            Cooper Webb

5            Justin Barcia

6            Malcolm Stewart

7            Marvin Musquin

8            Dylan Ferrandis

9            Ken Roczen

10          Aaron Plessinger

11          Dean Wilson

12          Max Anstie

13          Shane McElrath

14          Brandon Hartranft

15          Joey Savatgy

16          Justin Brayton

17          Adam Cianciarulo

18          Mitchell Oldenburg

19          Kyle Chisholm

20          Alex Martin

21          Josh Hill

22          Justin Bogle

23          Ryan Breece

24          Fredrik Noren

25          Justin Starling

26          Cade Clason

27          Joan Cros

2022 250 WEST Point Standings

 1           Christian Craig

2            Hunter Lawrence

3            Michael Mosiman

4            Jo Shimoda

5            Nate Thrasher

6            Vince Friese

7            Carson Mumford

8            Robbie Wageman

9            Cole Thompson

10          Seth Hammaker

11          Carson Brown

12          Chris Blose

13          Garrett Marchbanks

14          Jalek Swoll

15          Dylan Walsh

16          Derek Kelley

17          Dilan Schwartz

18          Dominique Thury

19          Ryan Surratt

20          Mitchell Harrison

21          Logan Karnow

22          Hunter Schlosser

23          Devin Harriman

24          Dylan Woodcock

25          Kaeden Amerine

26          Justin Rodbell

27          McClellan Hile

28          Brandon Ray

29          Gared Steinke

30          Rich Taylor

31          Jerry Robin

Alex Martin has made 3 out of the 4 main events of the year and has been progressing every round.

Martin has had some stand out rides including LCQ wins and 17th at A2.

Kyle Chisholm has been his normal consistant self and sits 19th in the 450 points.

Justin Starling started great in 2022 making the first 2 450 mains.

Starling debuting the Military Appreciation gear in San Diego.

Justin Starling

Freddie Noren has missed 1 round due to covid but has made the other 3 main events he has been at!

Freddie has road great in 2022 even with a hand injury.

Garrett Marchbanks - Military Appreciation gear set.

Marchbanks came out swinging at A1 and finished 4th in the 250 main event.

Garrett Marchbanks in the Fla-Mango gear!

Nique Thury has turned it up for '22 making 2 main events.

At A1 Thury was able to grab his first Top 10!

We have seen Joan Cros already in the 450 main in 2022.

Joan Cros

Logan Karnow has been a standout privateer in the 250 West class.

Karnow sits 21st in the 250 points.

Bubba Pauli of the Madd Parts Kawasaki Team.

Preston Taylor trying his hand at Supercross.

Alex Nagy new to the FXR Family.

Next stop is round 5 in Phoenix, Arizona.  

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