February 5, 2022

Photos by: SwapMotoLive / BrownDogWilson


250 West Results - Glendale

1            Hunter Lawrence

2            Christian Craig

3            Jo Shimoda

4            Garrett Marchbanks

5            Vince Friese

6            Jalek Swoll

7            Nate Thrasher

8            Carson Brown

9            Michael Mosiman

10          Robbie Wageman

11          Derek Kelley

12          Dylan Walsh

13          Mitchell Harrison

14          Chris Blose

15          Jerry Robin

16          Dominique Thury

17          Logan Karnow

18          Cole Thompson

19          Geran Stapleton

20          Wyatt Lyonsmith

21          McClellan Hile

22          Carson Mumford


450 Results - Glendale

1            Eli Tomac

2            Malcolm Stewart

3            Chase Sexton

4            Jason Anderson

5            Ken Roczen

6            Justin Barcia

7            Marvin Musquin

8            Cooper Webb

9            Dean Wilson

10          Shane McElrath

11          Aaron Plessinger

12          Dylan Ferrandis

13          Mitchell Oldenburg

14          Justin Brayton

15          Brandon Hartranft

16          Justin Bogle

17          Kyle Chisholm

18          Alex Martin

19          Max Anstie

20          Ryan Breece

21          Cade Clason

22          Fredrik Noren

Garrett Marchbanks had a rough couple rounds but turned it around in Arizona.

Marchbanks finished 4th overall in the 250 class!

Garrett Marchbanks and Nique Thury of the ClubMX Yamaha team.

Nique Thury had a good race finishing 16th in the 250 class.

Thury in the Cotton Candy Revo gear.

Logan Karnow has been a main event guy all of 250 West.

Karnow finished 17th in the 250 class.

Kyle Chisholm had a solid night and finished 17th even dealing with some rear brake issues.

Chiz won the 450 LCQ and turned that into momentum for the 450 mains.

Alex Martin finished 18th overall in the 450 main in Arizona.

Alex Martin - 2022.5 Cotton Candy White LE Revo gear.

Alex Martin has made all the 450 main events after missing the first one in Anaheim.  

Freddie Noren has been riding through an injury with 13 stitches in his hand.

Noren made the 450 main and finished 22nd.

Joan Cros of the Madd Parts Kawasaki team.

Justin Starling had a rough one in AZ but look for him to bounce back at round 6.

Tristan Lane made his return to Supercoss at Glendale.

Thats a wrap for round 5 in Arizona.  Next stop a week from now in Anaheim!

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