Round 7 Deschambault MX National | Photo Report

Round 7 Deschambault MX National | Photo Report

August 5, 2019

Photos by James Lissimore

Things are quickly rounding out for the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Tour. We wrapped things up in Deschambault, Quebec with some big wins and plenty of podium positions. We finished up the WMX East series with our own Sarah-Kim Villeneuve taking 3rd overall and we will look ahead to see who will line up for the Women's class at the shootout at Walton next weekend. Nathan Bles continues to run away with the FXR Pre-Mix series and Phil Nicoletti finally got himself that top spot on the podium that he's long been striving for. Luke Renzland would find himself back up on the podium with a 3rd place finish. Here's a look at Round 7.


Mister sweep, Nathan Bles continues to sweep the 2-stroke class.


Sarah-Kim Villeneuve took 3rd overall at Deschambault and wrapped up the East series with 3rd place.
Jackie Riess went into the series with the mindset that she wanted to finish 7th and got the job done taking 7th in the points.
Eden Netelkos took 8th place at Deschambault and completed the series 11th in points.
Your East WMX podium with Sarah-Kim Villeneuve claiming 3rd overall.

250 PRO

Davey Fraser pulling the holeshot.
Fraser would end up with 12-11 for 11th overall.
Anthony Spadaccini took 25-20 for 24th overall.
Christopher Fortier went 31-13 for 16th overall.
Hayden Halstead would take 13-23 for 17th overall.
Jamie Powell would use Deschambault as the launch of his first pro race. He took 17-19 for a 20th place finish.
Josh Prior made the return to Round 7 and went 39-DNF to give him 40th overall.
Teren Gerber went 21-15 for 19th overall.
A solid day for Tyler Gibbs taking 19-14 for 15th overall.
William Crete took 24-12 for 14th overall.
Jayce Pennington went 3-8 for 6th overall.
Podium time Quebec style for Jayce Pennington.
Marshal Weltin would take 6-4 for 4th overall.
Weltin wearing the new 2020 gear for Deschambault.
Marco Cannella set to do battle in his new 2020 gear.
Cannella would finish with 9-7 for 8th overall.
Luke Renzland on a mission for qualifiers.
Renzland looking sharp in his new gear.
Luke would take 8th place in moto one.
In moto two, Renzland grabs the win!
With the 8-1, Luke would finish with 3rd overall.
Your 250 Pro podium.

450 PRO

Another solid weekend for Cade Clason who took 7-6 for 7th overall.
#401 is our old pal Keith Johnson. He would take 21-36 for 37th overall.
Sam Gaynor continues on his streak to keep things in the top 10.
Sam would take 9-12 for 11th overall.
TJ Lanphear would take 26-22 for 24th overall.
Keylan Meston getting the job done in the to 10 with a 10-4 for 6th overall.
Mike Fowler would take 27-19 for 21st overall.
Phil Nicoletti working every angle to get out front.
Phil would take 2-1 for 1st overall.
Nicoletti grabs the checkers for the win!
Top of the box for Phil in the 450 Pro class.
Well done Phil and see you guys at Walton!

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