Round 6 River Glade MX National | Photo Report

Round 6 River Glade MX National | Photo Report

July 31, 2019

Photos by James Lissimore

This weekend we were in the far eastern leg of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour in Moncton, New Brunswick. Long standing national track, River Glade never disappoints and we had some great battles this weekend. Let's take a look at some of the action from round six.


Dominating the FXR Pre-Mix series, Nathan Bles is the guy that continues to deliver.


FXR WMX top rider, Sarah-Kim Villeneuve would take 5-3 for 4th at River Glade.
Some tough luck with a fence prevented Jackie Riess from showing her true results this weekend. She would go 7-17 for 13th overall.
Brittani Majcher is a powerhouse and continues to push for a podium spot. She finished 6-6 for 6th overall.
Ontario native Brook Greenlaw would go 16-8 for a solid 11th overall.
Malia Garant would finish 13-12 for 14th overall.

250 PRO

#533 Andy Mathieu took 32-29 for 30th overall.
Anthony Spadiccini grabbed 21-23 for 24th overall.
Alberta rider Teren Gerber would go 19-18 for 21st overall.
Tyler Gibbs took 23-30 for 31st overall.
Christopher Fortier finding his groove here at River Glad took 9-12 for 10th place.
Davey Fraser had a rough go in moto two where he hit the eject button and had a near miss with charging Jess Pettis. Fraser came out of the incident with only a sore finger. He took 10th in the first moto and ended up with 14th for the day.
Royal Distributing/FXR/Yamaha rider Hayden Halstead finding his confidence in the east.
Halstead took 13-11 for a solid 11th place.
Matching vented gear for River Glade.
Josh Osby had a day he would rather put behind him. A first moto crash left Osby on the ground and knocked out. Watch for his return this weekend at Deschambault.
Jayce Pennington moving the needle every weekend.
Pennington would take 8-6 for 7th overall.
Josh Prior took 14-20 for 19th overall.
William Crete would take 16-16 for 15th overall.
An off weekend for Luke Renzland who came into the weekend with an existing ankle injury.
Renzland would round out his day at River Glade with 11-7 for 9th overall.
A good weekend for Marco Cannella who is on the cusp of grabbing that podium position.
Cannella would take 4-8 for 6th place.
Gate prep time for Marshal Weltin.
Another exceptional round for Weltin who found himself back on the podium.
Weltin would take 5-3 for 3rd overall.
Your River Glade 250 Pro podium.

450 PRO

A great weekend for Cade Clason who found himself taking 6-5 for 5th overall.
Mike Fowler made the journey east to take on River Glade. He would go 29-16 for 18th overall.
Eric Jeffery settling in for a 12-15 to give him 14th overall.
Keylan Meston is another guy who is edging closer to that podium.
Meston would finish with 5-7 for an impressive 6th overall.
Sam Gaynor now officially the OTSFF replacement rider for sidelined, Shawn Maffenbeier.
Gaynor would continue to press the top 10 with 11-9 for 10th overall.
Phil Nicoletti put his Yamaha through a workout at The Glade.
Nicoletti fought hard to take 2-4 for 3rd overall.
Nicoletti sits 3rd in the points now.
Your 450 Pro podium from Moncton, NB.
See everyone in Deschambault!

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