Round 7 Arlington Supercross | Photo Report

Round 7 Arlington Supercross | Photo Report

February 20, 2019

by Dawn McClintock
Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

Here we are already at round seven and things are heating up for the points chase. This weekend we were under the comfort of the dome at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. A notable shift in the program for FXR's top 250 West rider Chris Blose who grabbed himself a new bike and signed up for the 450 class. We saw plenty of action from a number of our FXR athletes at Arlington and we switch gears heading to Detroit this coming weekend with yet another Triple Crown format. Let's take a look at some of our riders from round seven.

After San Diego, we have a greater appreciation for enclosed stadiums.
Kyle Cunningham laying down some fast laps in qualifying.
Dylan Merriam back in action for Arlington.
Arlington was the return of Ronnie Stewart as well.
Bubba Pauli
White plates for Chris Blose as he switches over to the 450 class.
Scotty Wennerstrom
AJ Catanzaro
Joe Perron
Joan Cros
David Pulley
Dylan Merriam would take 12th in his heat.
Josh Osby grabbed 6th place in his heat race.
Kyle Cunningham took 10th in his heat.
Henry Miller would take 12th in his heat race.
Marshal Weltin grabbed 6th in his heat.
Joey Crown took 11th in his heat.
Preston Taylor would take 17th for his heat.
Jayce Pennington took 14th in his heat.
Off the gate in the 450 LCQ.
Dylan Merriam leads the way in the LCQ.
Bubba Pauli took 13th in the LCQ.
AJ Catanzaro would take 12th in the LCQ.
Dylan Merriam rounded out his night with 6th place in the LCQ
A whole lot of skill and a little bit of luck saw Ronnie Stewart work his way into the main.
Preston Taylor would finish 12th in the LCQ.
Joey Crown would take 10th in the LCQ.
Jayce Pennington tried to make a pass on Albright for the transfer position but ended up taking himself out and setting him back to 16th in the LCQ.
Kyle Cunningham took the big win in the LCQ coming charging through the pack from 9th place.
Josh Osby would finish in 13th place in the main.
Marshal Weltin took 17th in the main.
Kyle Cunningham would finish a solid 10th place in the final.
Ronnie Stewart would finish in 21st for the main event.
Chris Blose would finish in 17th place.
See you in Detroit!

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