Round 6 Minneapolis Supercross | Photo Report

Round 6 Minneapolis Supercross | Photo Report

February 13, 2019

by Dawn McClintock
Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

We shift things over to the east for our 250 riders this week and a flood of new talent hit the track last Saturday. We have gone from the extreme rain in San Diego at round 5, straight to the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, Minnesota this past weekend. We saw a departure from our 450 rider Ronnie Stewart who was still healing from his caustic burns from the previous round and we will welcome him back this coming weekend at Arlington, TX. Plenty of fresh FXR kits were easy to pick out at Minneapolis and here are a few shots from round 6.

Part of the CTR Motorsports team, Josh Osby made his debut in Minneapolis.
An old familiar face opted to line up in the 250 East class this year. Welcome back Kyle Cunningham.
Another familiar face also took to the 250 East class this season. Henry Miller was home town favourite and scored a bit of TV time on press day.
Joey Crown is another new squad member of the CTR Motorsports crew.
The first 250 heat race off the gate with #131 Jayce Pennington, #285 Marshal Weltin and #996 Preston Taylor.
A great first time experience competing at supercross for young Preston Taylor.
250 heat #2 off the start.
Henry Miller would grab 7th in his heat race.
Miller and Cunningham go toe to toe.
Kyle Cunningham would the 5th in his heat.
Joey Crown would finish 14th in his heat.
Off to a great start in the 450 class for #348 Joan Cros.
Cros was right up front with the top dogs during his first heat.
Scotty Wennerstrom would finish 13th in his heat.
Joan Cros would finish 14th in his heat.
#708 Joe Perron would finish 16th in his heat.
The CTR Motorsports boys lighting up the front of the 250 LCQ.
Some tough luck for Joey Crown kept him from showing his real potential. He was riding really well in Minneapolis.
Jayce Pennington would finish out his night with 17th in the LCQ.
Illinois rider #151 Carter Gordon would finish 22nd in the LCQ.
Taking the win in the LCQ was Josh Osby.
Osby gets his time on the podium for some TV spots.
Stronger results every weekend for Spanish rider Joan Cros.
#708 Joe Perron
Iowa rider #336 Chaz Braden.
AJ Catanzaro would take 22nd in the main event.
Cros was off like a shot again for the LCQ start.
Bubba Pauli fell just shy of making the main with a 7th in the LCQ.
Kyle Cunningham on the gas in the main.
Josh Osby would wrap up the night with a 13th place in the main.
A solid night for Kyle Cunningham taking 7th place in the final.
We also wanted to acknowledge our main guy, Braxton Zeitner from Chilliwack, BC who took the win in the KTM JR SX Challenge on Saturday night. Congratulations Braxton! See you in Vegas!
See you big guys in Arlington!

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