Round 4 Glendale SX | Photo Report

Round 4 Glendale SX | Photo Report

January 27, 2020

Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

Glendale Supercross brought us our first go at the Triple Crown format in 2020. The exciting 3 moto format keeps the fans on the edge of their seat through the entire night and gives them back-to-back opportunity to see all the top athletes in the sport racing. The spotlight rider for FXR was Jacob Hayes. The AJE/Gas Monkey Husky rider continues to impress and was able to land a top 5 finish on the night in 5th. Killian Auberson and the former Australian champ Jay Wilson finished a sold 14th and 15th in the 250 mains as well. In the 450 class FXR received a lot of press around Chris Blose. For Blose’s hometown race, FXR was able to make a one-off gear set for the Phoenix native that will later be auctioned off for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Chris had a very good night going until the last main of the night where he crashed in the whoops causing a red flag on the race. Unfortunately it looks like Chris’ injuries will keep him sidelined for a period of time. Heal up soon Chris! Take a look below for more on the night that was in Arizona.

Hometown race for Chris Blose. FXR did a one-off, Arizona inspired gear for the Phoenix native.
Jay Wilson has been solid since his debut in the states.
AJ Catanzaro best dressed in Phoenix? We think so!
Justin Starling is getting in as much seat time as possible before 250 East region starts.
Bubba Pauli is steadily improving every round.
Joan Cros is coming off a pretty good crash a couple weeks back. He is recovering nicely.
The AJE Husky team looking good for their hometown race!
Jerry Robin was able to make his first 450 main event of the year. This was a huge step forward for the Minnesota rider.
Jay Wilson finished 15th in the 250 class.
Killian Auberson finished 14th overall in the 250 main with a top 10 in the last main.
Jacob Hayes continues to impress in 2020 finishing 5th place in Arizona.
Blose rode great all day until the last race of the night where he had a mishap in the whoops. Chris looks to be out for a little while with injuries.
Get well soon Chris! See everyone next week in Oakland.

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