Round 2 Calgary AX | Photo Report

Round 2 Calgary AX | Photo Report

April 17, 2019

Photos by James Lissimore

Round two of the Triple Crown AX Tour moved into Calgary, Alberta last weekend for some good racing. We saw plenty of bar banging, paint swapping and Christmas card lists got shortened. In contrast to the previous weekend we had more of a dry track that offered up it's share of roost and slick sections. Crowd numbers seemed low but we can be sure that heading east we will see more spectating for rounds three and four. Let's take a look at the action from Calgary.

Look for good things to come for young Tyler Gibbs in his rookie pro year as he gains experience every weekend.
Carlson Racing rider Davey Fraser
Vison was key with that Calgary roost.
Luke Renzland getting ready to take on the 250 class.
Layers were required in Calgary.
Charles Charlton set the place on fire, sweeping both Open Junior and Supermini. Well done Charles!
Seth Wilkins would finish 3rd in Supermini.
Shelby Turner would take 2nd in Women's.
Time for some 450 laps.
Shelby Turner also lined up in the Intermediate class where she took 6th place.
Clason ready to get this show on the road.
Tyler Gibbs was second off the start in 250 Heat #2. He went down hard but came back swinging and grabbed 5th. He ended up taking 7th overall.
Talan Hansen took a 6th in his heat and rounded out his night with 10th overall.
Marco Cannella kept it consistent for his heat and earned a respectable 3rd.
Davey Fraser would take 4th in his heat.
Luke Renzland had a descent start in his heat race and worked his way around Naudit for second. He was riding the tail of Ryder Floyd the remainder of the race and the two tangled and both went down. Renzland was able to remount and took the heat win.
Renzland getting some time with the television crew after his heat win.
Shawn Maffenbeier gets the crowd going for the 450 heats.
450 Heat #1 Nicoletti was second off the start. He wasn't able to catch Thompson and would have to settle for 2nd in that heat.
Maffenbeier went down in the first corner and slid things into 3rd place for the rest of the moto.
In the 450 Heat #2, Cade Clason was about 4th off the start. Earlier reports suggested that he struggled during practice but managed to find his rhythm during the evening show. He would take 3rd place in his heat.
Two of our guys made it in for the Clash for Cash and Luke Renzland would finish 6th.
Phil Nicoletti would grab 4th place in the Clash for Cash.
In the 250 Main, Davey Fraser would take 6th.
In the 250 Main, Luke Renzland goes down in the first lap with Tyler Medaglia which put him back. He managed to finish with a 5th place.
This was a good night for Marco Cannella, in the 250 Main he pulled some pretty aggressive passes that put him up to 2nd where he would finish for the night.
Your Rockstar Energy Drink Triple Crown Series AX Tour 250 Pro podium
A slim 1 point separates Marco Cannella from leader Dylan Wright as we move things to round three in 2 weeks.
Time for some celebrating with Wright and Nauditt
Time to do some damage in the 450 main.
Phil Nicoletti grabs the hole shot for the 450 Main.
Cade Clason would take 6th in the 450 Main.
Shawn Maffenbeier wild take 4th in the 450 Main.
Phil Nicoletti was stalked the entire main event by Cole Thompson but kept him at bay for the win.
We will be seeing many of these photos of Phil over the course of the 2019 season.
Your 450 Pro podium. See you guys in Sarnia!

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