Round 15 Denver Supercross | Photo Report

Round 15 Denver Supercross | Photo Report

April 18, 2019

by Dawn McClintock
Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

We hit higher altitudes this weekend at our stop in Denver, CO and as if dealing with bike settings when you are in the mountains isn't enough, mother nature had to throw snow in the mix. Riders had to hunker down and brave the elements during practice and qualifying as the snow came down. These open stadium venues alway seem to serve up some suprise it seems and this was for sure a new wrinkle. We are coming down to the wire with just two rounds remaining and you can be things will heat up when we hit East Rutherford after this weekend. Here's a look at some of the action from Denver.

Some of the AJE Motorsports crew all bundled up for qualifiers.
AJ Catanzaro back in action here at Denver. He was pretty beaten up his crash in Houston but he managed to line up and persevere through the pain.
The snow draped the qualifiers and Blose was sure to add his Off-road vest to his kit for some extra warmth.
Scotty Wennerstrom would grab 17th in his heat.
Chris Blose took 10th in his heat.
Jerry Robin heads straight to the evening show with a 7th place in his heat.
Justin Starling came out strong and took 5th place in his heat.
Wennerstrom would round out his day in the LCQ with a 19th place finish.
Dylan Merriam took 7th in his heat.
Jerry Robin would finish the night with 19th.
Another solid show for Justin Starling who finished in 8th place.
Right behind Starling was Dylan Merriam who seems to have got his groove back. He would finish in 9th.
Chris Blose would finish in an impressive 15th place after what looked like a season-ending crash. He was able to regroup and while pretty beaten and bruised, soldiered through and finished. See you guys in East Rutherford and enjoy your Easter weekend break!

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