Round 13 Houston Supercross | Photo Report

Round 13 Houston Supercross | Photo Report

April 3, 2019

by Dawn McClintock
Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

Houston will be the final round of the Triple Crown format for this season and love it or hate it you can bet it will be back next year. Whenever a Triple Crown race shows it's face it's always a tough go for privateers to make it to the evening show as you will see by the photos below. Shifting gears, we will take things to Nashville next weekend where we get to see what the 250 East has to prove as the points chase tightens. Here is a look at Houston through the lens of Brown Dog.

FXR 450 staples like Scotty Wennerstrom weren't able to make it into the evening show.
Ronnie Stewart was also just shy of making it to the night show.
Taking 3rd fastest time in 250 qualifiers, you knew it was going to be a good night for Chris Blose.
Justin Starling has also been on his game and qualified 11th fastest.
Blose had a rough first main where he got hit from behind off the start.
Blose dug in hard and managed to fight all the way up to 8th place.
Justin Starling would grab 12th in his first main.
Dylan Merriam finished 13th in his first main.
Chris Blose would grab the holeshot in the second main.
Running really strong in the first lap, Blose got pushed wide by Ferrandis into the tough blocks forcing him to battle his way through the pack.
Blose would finish the second main in 19th place.
A scary moment for Justin Starling when he came over a blind landing to find Adam Cianciarulo down and running right in front of him to his bike. Quick thinking on Starling's part prevented what could have been a way worse situation.
Starling would take 8th place in the second main.
Dylan Merriam finished 11th in the second main.
Some tough luck for Chris Blose in Houston. In the third main he got caught in a first corner crash and had to fight his way back through the masses again.
Blose didn't let the crash phase him and he grabbed 7th in that main to give him 10th overall.
Justin Starling would take 8th in the final main to give him 7th overall.
Dylan Merriam took 20th in the final moto for 16th overall.
See you in Nashville.

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