March 15-17, 2019

Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

Writing and Photos by Crystal Wallem Photography

This past weekend, we wrapped up the Amsoil Championship Snocross season in sunny Lake Geneva, Wisconsin at the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa—3 days of racing at the largest, most demanding, technical, and spectator-friendly track of them all. Some of the most remarkable sections of the track included some seriously technical rhythm sections, extreme uphill’s, gnarly downhills, and a steep, hard-right-turn joker lane for your Pro and Pro Lite riders. As usual, our FXR athletes made us proud—bringing home 35 medals for the weekend and 10 championship titles.


Your highest placing FXR athlete in the 200 Stock class is Riley Johnson #106, rounding off the season 4th in points.


FXR athletes have dominated the 120 Champ class this season. We had another FXR podium sweep Saturday night—AJ Skogquist #113 placed 3rd, Shane Beasley #924 in 2nd, and Brady Freeland #831, your points champ, took the win.


After going 1-4 in his heats on Saturday, Brady Freeland #831 placed 3rd in the Transition 8-10 final.

Tanner Johnson #313 had a picture-perfect day of racing, going 1-1 in his heats and winning the final.

JR Girls 9-13

Kendall Rose #120 placed an impressive 2-2-2 to wrap up the season.

Naëli Lebel #518 went 1-1-1 for the day. Lebel also took home the title of points champion in the JR Girls 9-13 class.

JR 10-13

Consistent Kellen Chapuran #254 finishes off the season strong, with double heat wins, a 1st place podium finish, and points champion in the JR 10-13 class.


We could just copy and paste the caption from above, because Kellen Chapuran #254 did it again—this time in the Transition 9-13 class. Another two heat wins, top spot on the box, and points champion in the Transition 9-13 class.

JR 14-15

Drew Freeland #821 went 2-2 in his heats on Saturday. Freeland went on to score what he thought was a 2nd place finish, but after the first-place rider was disqualified, Freeland gladly accepted the win in the JR 14-15 final (“FXR Pikachu” helped him celebrate on the podium). Freeland also took home the title of 2nd in points.

Jordan Lebel #511 is your 2018-2019 Season points champ.

JR 16-17

Drew Freeland #821 is back on the box with a 3rd place podium in the JR 16-17 class. Freeland took home another 2nd place in points.

Jordan Lebel #511 not only went 1-1-1 in the JR 16-17 class this weekend, but he also earned another points championship title.


As the sun began to set on Saturday, FXR athletes flooded the podium for an FXR podium sweep in the Sport Lite class. Drew Freeland #821 went 1-1 in his heat races and finished off the day 3rd on the podium. Freeland placed 3rd in points for the Sport Lite class.

Brayden Kernz #811 placed 3-2 in his heats and scored the #2 spot on the box in the final. Additionally, Kernz scored 5th in points.

After going 1-2 in his heat races, Jordan Lebel #511 went on to take the win in Saturday’s Sport Lite final.

Jake Belair #228, scoring 4th overall in points, placed 3rd in Sunday’s Sport Lite final.

Jordan Lebel #511 takes 2nd in Sunday’s Sport Lite final, and brings home his third points championship title of the season.


 These two Snowbike athletes have dominated all season, and have been a blast to watch. Mark Wilson #722 reeled in a 3rd place podium finish in Saturday night’s Snowbike final. Wilson took home the title of 2nd in points.

 Jesse Kirchmeyer #42, repping the flashy 6D FXR helmet, claimed the big win in Saturday night’s Snowbike final.

For the second day in a row, Jesse Kirchmeyer #42 stood atop the #1 spot on the box. Kirchmeyer is also your 2018-2019 points champion.


Despite having to race through the LCQ, Eric Downs #129 battled his way to the #3 spot on the podium in Saturday’s Sport final. (Podium photo credit: Matt Pranger)

No stranger to the podium, Drew Freeland #821 reels in a 3rd place in Sunday’s Sport final.

It was great to see Baily Forst #341 back on the podium after being sidelined for half of the season after an accident back in Shakopee. Forst went a whopping 1-1-1 to wrap up the season.


Andy Lieders #57 came into the grand finale weekend determined. After scoring double second places in his heat races, Lieders charged to the top spot on the box in Friday night’s Pro Am Plus 30 final.

Andy Lieders #57 makes his second podium appearance of the weekend on Saturday, this time in 3rd. Lieders rounded off the season 5th in points.


Malene Andersen #93 made a surprising return to racing after a gnarly crash in New York kept her on the bench for the past few races. Despite still having a painful ankle injury, Andersen slapped on an over sized boot and let ‘er rip. Andersen took an exciting 3rd place in Friday night’s Pro Am Women final. You’re awesome, Malene!

Taven Woodie #873 has been a force to be reckoned with all season. This was only her second year in the Pro Am Women class, yet she made consistent podium appearances every weekend. Woodie went 1-1 in her heats on Friday and went on to score 2nd in the final.

Malene Andersen #93 went 3-1 in her heats on Saturday. Andersen went on to take another 3rd place podium finish as well as topping off the season 3rd in points.

Taven Woodie #873 went a consistent 2-2-2 on Saturday. Woodie placed 2nd overall in the points race.


Ryley Bester #151 had quite an impressive rookie year in the Pro Lite class. After scoring a huge win in Iowa, Bester kept the momentum rolling into the grand finale weekend where he scored a 3rd place podium finish on Sunday. Bester finished off the season 7th in points.

Nisse Kjellstrom #27 has also been fast and successful this season. On Sunday, Kjellstrom went an impressive 2-1 in his heats and continued on to score a 2nd place podium spot in the final. Kjellstrom placed 3rd in points.

Max Taillefer #144 placed 5th overall in points.

Team LaVallee’s Adam Peterson #113 scored an impressive 6th in points for his rookie season in Pro Lite.

Team LaVallee’s other Pro Lite rider, Evan Daudt #413, placed 9th overall in points to top off your top 5 FXR athletes in points in the Pro Lite class.


It’s no doubt that the 2018-2019 season has been one of the most competitive ones to date for the Pro class. Norway native, Elias Ishoel #200, aboard the Boss Racing Jimmy John’s Ski-Doo, snagged the red plates at the season opener in Duluth and never gave them back. Ishoel dominated the Pro class from day 1, and this past weekend in Lake Geneva was no different. Ishoel went 4-1 in his heats on Friday and snagged a 3rd place podium finish in the final.

The roar of the crowd echoed throughout the ski hill and grand stands as Kody Kamm #53 took the win Friday night at his hometown track. Kamm hails from Kenosha, Wisconsin, a short jog east of Lake Geneva. Leading up to the grand finale weekend, Kamm had been flirting with his chance for the championship. But after some mechanical issues on Sunday, Kamm accepted his 2nd place spot in the points race to wrap up his season.

After Kyle Pallin #324 podiumed in Iowa the previous weekend, he kept the momentum going into the grand finale weekend. Pallin looked fast all three days of racing, and on Sunday it paid off. After going 2-7 in his heats, Kyle landed a 3rd place podium finish in the final. Pallin finished 9th in points.

Elias Ishoel #200 wrapped up the season in the best way possible—on top of the box and with a championship title. Ishoel went 5-3 in his heats on Sunday and snagged the win in the final. Elias was also given the title of Fan Favorite.

Aki Pihlaja #128 placed 6th in points for his rookie season in the Pro class.

Petter Narsa #54 placed 7th overall in points to wrap up your top 5 FXR athletes in points in the Pro class.

We’ll see you all in November! Have a great Summer!

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