GNCC Round 3 The General | Photo Report

March 18, 2020

by Kyle Wolfe
Photos by Darrin Chapman

Round 3 of the 2020 Grand National Cross Country series headed to Aonia Pass MX in Washington, Georgia, a long time stop on the GNCC tour. After rain fell for weeks before the race, it was a question whether or not the race would happen. Luckily, the property dried out leaving some of the best conditions ever in the history of the event. FactoryONE Sherco riders Stu and Grant Baylor put on phenomenal performance during the 3-hour afternoon race, with Stu just missing out on the first ever GNCC overall victory for Sherco and FXR. Grant would come from behind taking 4th in XC1 for the day. More strong performances came in the XC3 125 Pro class, as Cole Mattison landed on the box with 2nd, Michael DeLosa in 5th, and Jake Froman finishing 6th. There were additional standout rides in the amateur ranks as well with Triston Landrum once again on the overall amateur podium, taking 2nd in 250A. Shelby Turner kept her season going with another consistent performance, taking home 6th in the WXC class.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Round 4 in North Carolina in April has been cancelled. The next event scheduled is the Camp Coker Bullet, in Society Hill, South Carolina.

1 Kailub Russell 2 Stu Baylor 3 Josh Strang 4 Craig Delong 5 Jonathon Girroir 6 Michael Witkowski 7 Grant Baylor 8 Ricky Russell 9 Jordan Ashburn 10 Cody Barnes 11 Lyndon Snodgrass 12 Andrew Delong 13 Liam Draper 14 Evan Smith 15 Layne Michael 16 Tegan Temple 17 Jesse Ansley 18 Brody Johnson 19 Thorn Devlin 20 Simon Johnson

1 Jason Raines 2 Cole Mattison 3 Zack Hayes 4 Nathan Ferderer 5 Michael DeLosa 6 Jake Froman 7 Jason Lipscomb 8 Joseph Ferraro 9 Tyler Silvia 10 Nathan Thornhill

1 Brody Johnson 2 Triston Landrum 3 Dakoda Devore 4 Nicholas Kordana 5 Johnny Manera

Open A
1 Chase Hayes 2 Nathan Rector 3 Will Sievenpiper 4 Cope Beckert 5 Mason Atherton

1 Becca Sheets 2 Mackenzie Tricker 3 Tayla Jones 4 Rachael Archer 5 Rachel Gutish 6 Shelby Turner 7 Brooke Cosner 8 Korie Steede 9 Jocelyn Barnes 10 Shyann Phelps


So close and yet so far. Stu Baylor just shy of the top step at The General.

Grant Baylor fought from the back of the pack to finish 4th XC1 and 7th overall.

Shelby Turner was solid all morning long, taking 6th in WXC.

Triston Landrum finished 2nd in 250A as well as second amateur.

Brady Myers

Jake Froman finished 6th in XC3.

Cole Mattison finished 2nd in XC3.

Jason Lipscomb 7th in XC3.

Dakoda Devore 3rd in 250A.

Brenden Poling 9th in 250A.

Alex Metz 8th in 150A.

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