November 24-26, 2017, Spirit Mountain Writing and Photos by Crystal Wallem   This past weekend we officially kicked off the Snocross season in Duluth, Minnesota. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend than to watch three full days of high-flying, racing action? And for that, we are thankful!     To start the weekend off right, Sophia Hulsey #800 and Addison Bourdages #330 landed the 1st and 3rd spots on the podium for their Jr. Girls 9-13 final.     Friday’s Sport Lite final resulted in a big win for Kenny Mandryk #102 closely followed by Drew Goskey #725 in 3rd.     Ryley Bester #151 went an impressive 1-2 in his heats and topped the night off on top of the podium, taking 1st in his Sport final Friday night.     Tyler Archambault #901 and William St-Laurent #124 proudly took the 2nd and 3rd places on the podium for Friday night’s Jr. 16-17 final.     The talented Elina Ohman #17 raced her way to the top of the podium in Friday night’s Pro Am Women’s final.     As for the Pro’s, Friday nights in Duluth are for the Amsoil Dominator Cup; a series of head-to-head battles between two riders racing for the cup and $10k!     Kody Kamm, formerly #53 but now proudly displaying his #1 championship number plate, powered his way through the bracket and easily made it to the final round. FXR’s Corin Todd #36 also impressively made it to the final, where both him and Kody raced against Tucker Hibbert.     Kody Kamm clinched the win, closely followed by Corin Todd in 2nd!     Not a bad first day for your FXR racers!     Starting the second day of racing off right, FXR racers swept the Transition 8-10 podium! Crayden Dillon #906 in 1st, Dylan Lebel #522 in 2nd, and Tanner Johnson #313 in 3rd.     Back on the podium for the second time of the weekend, Kenny Mandryk #102 took the 2nd spot in the Sport Lite final on Saturday.     Brody Hasenack #722 finished 3rd in the Jr. 10-13 final, and Jordan Lebel #511 took the win.     A familiar face was on top of the podium for the Transition 8-13 final—Drew Freeland #821 with the win, and Jordan Lebel #511 podiumed for the second time this weekend in 2nd.     Nate Heppner #44 proudly took the top spot on the box in Saturday night’s Snowbike final. Milt was pretty pumped, too!     Kaden Woodie #980 looking solid in his Sport final, where he took the 3rd spot on the podium.     Andy Lieders #57 is back at it, this year racing in two classes. Andy made his debut in the Pro Am Plus 30 class by taking 2nd Saturday night, where someone special joined him on the podium to help celebrate.     Another familiar face shined on the podium during Saturday night’s Pro Lite final—Aki Pihlaja #128 started his season off with a 3rd place victory.     Petter Narsa #54 was on fire Saturday night, going 1-1 in his heats.     Back on the box for the second time this weekend was Kody Kamm #1 who took 2nd in the Pro final Saturday night.     We started Sunday’s races off with one of our favorite events—the 120 Champ final! Brady Freeland #831 took an impressive 2nd. Colin Taggart #159 took 3rd, and made sure to let his fans know that he’ll be celebrating by “drinking some pop.”     The fierce Malene Andersen #93 made the 2nd place spot on the podium Sunday, followed by Elina Ohman #17 in 3rd.     To top off the weekend, Martin Molland #75 sent his way to 2nd place in Sunday’s Pro Lite final.   Dress like the pros - shop fxrracing.com now!

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