2017 Mini O's | Photo Report

2017 Mini O's

November 28, 2017

Photos by Mike Vizer Another year where the fast of the fastest amateur riders converge on Gatorback Cycle Park to compete against each other. This year the Florida skies opened up and drenched the track and caused delay and full day cancelation for scheduled motos. We had our friend Mike V on hand to take some photos of some of our FXR athletes competing. Look for some cool video footage coming from Mike soon too.
Alabama native Kolton Ray ran the 250C Limited and 450C classes.
Parker Lane from Georgia competed in the 250C, 450C and 450C Limited classes.
Hunter Roempke ran the College (16-24), 250A and 450A classes.
A nasty crash cut Roempke's week short at Mini O's but we are glad he's going to be okay.
Another Georgia boy, Greye Tate had a solid week at Mini O's where he pulled off 11th overall in both 450B Limited and College (16-24) in the SX portion.
Very touching to see riders donning the #422 Nathan Hall "Ride In Peace" stickers.
Greye Tate looking slick in his new Mission kit.
Illinois fast guy, Nolan Dickinson rode the 250B Limited and 450B Limited classes.
Greye Tate on the gas.
North Carolina native Daniel Lewandowski hauled the mail in the Junior 25+ classes where he took 5th OA in MX and 7th OA in SX.
Lewandowski also competed in 450 Pro Sport where he took 16th OA in MX and 450A where he went 19th OA.
Vet rider Mike Evenson from South Carolina would take 14th OA in the Vet 35+ for SX.
Another rider who rocked the #422 for Nathan Hall was Kennedy Lutz. We heard that Kennedy had her week cut short because of an injured hip. Hope you are on the mend soon Kennedy!
Hunter Roempke was had a really good run in the SX portion in the College (16-24) class where he took an impressive 6th OA.
Nolan Dickinson on a charge in cool Florida temps with his Race Division hoodie.
Michigan rider Denver Rigsby rode the 250 Pro Sport and 250A classes.
Carter Gordon took on 4 classes at Mini O's and took a very impressive 6th OA in the College (16-24) class for MX and took 4th OA in the SX portion. Congrats Carter!
Pennsylvania native Greg Pamart taking on 3 classes at Mini O's. He poured it on in Senior 40+ and Vet 35+ where he took 2nd OA in both MX classes. He also went 14th OA in the Vet 30+ MX, and for SX he too 5th OA in both Junior 25+ and Vet 35+. Well done Greg!
Denver Rigsby went 24th OA in 250 Pro Sport and 23rd OA in 250A for MX and went 27th OA in 250 Pro Sport for SX.
Before he got hurt, Hunter Roempke also took 22nd OA in 250A and 20th OA in 450A for SX.
Carter Gordon looking pretty lit in his orange Clutch Retro kit.
On the line with Greye Tate.
Built for speed. Carter Gordon. Remember that name.
Wide open with Hunter Roempke
On the hunt with Nolan Dickinson.
Kennedy Lutz with her #422 "Ride in Peace" Nathan Hall plates.
The new orange Mission kit stands out of the crowd.
Another shameless look at the new Mission kit.
Greg Pamart looking smooth.
Maryland native Tyler Stepek ran the 250 Pro Sport and the 450 Pro Sport for MX only.
Wesley Allen killing it in the College (16-24) MX class where he took 8th overall. He also went on to take 15th OA in 250B Limited and 12th OA in 450B Limited. Nice ride Wesley!
Late afternoon skies with Greye Tate.
On a charge through the rhythm section with Greg Pamart.
Young Cameron Skaalerud from Minnesota took 14th OA in Supermini 2 (13-16) MX.
See you guys next year!

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