Elevate your game with a Monosuit, and step into the ultimate riding experience. Monos are THE all-in-one solution for riders in search of unrestricted mobility, reduced weight & bulk, and full-body coverage that seals out wind, cold, and snow ingestion.

image of a guy snowmobiling sporting FXR's Helium Monosuit jacket

FXR offers the industry’s widest Mono selection with uninsulated, lightly insulated, and F.A.S.T.™ insulated models, giving riders of all types the gear they need to tackle the harshest riding conditions.


Offering the industry's widest selection and the most advanced designs, our FXR Monos are highly technical pieces of outerwear equipment, reducing bulk and drag, and allowing riders to move freely and comfortably. Monos are the ultimate option for riders looking for performance, mobility, and protection.

Shot of a woman on snowmobile wearing FXR's Women's Recruit Monosuit