Merino - No Baaad Days

Whether you’re on the trail or the mountain, merino wool is the ideal performance material for riders of every level. Mother Nature is harsh, and merino sheep have uniquely adapted to survive both freezing and scorching temperatures. Using their naturally versatile coat, we are able to give you the best in layering apparel.


The thermal properties of merino allow it to adapt and help regulate body temperature, keeping you warm when you’re cool, and cool when you’re hot. The lightweight fibers also wick away sweat and moisture.


Merino wool can absorb up to 40% of its weight in moisture, without feeling wet to the touch. It wicks moisture away from the skin, quickly absorbing and releasing it into the atmosphere, drying rapidly to keep you comfortable throughout the ride.

Natural Odor

Say goodbye to stinky layerwear, merino absorbs and neutralizes odors. By washing the wool after several wears, rather than every wear, you’re spending more time on the trail, doing what you love.


Flatlock stitching provides superior strength and compliments the Anti-Pill and Anti-Static performance of FXR merino base layers. Merino wool is also naturally fire resistant, providing you with peace of mind.


Experience a new level of comfort and quality with soft merino fibres that stretch and allow FXR base layer pieces to have a comfortable, contoured fit. Merino wool’s ultra fine fibers feel soft and gentle against skin.