Updates from Europe

May 9, 2019

by Gjermund Frostad

Racing from the last two weeks in Europe MX. Two races in the Women's European Championship in Italy and France where Sana Van Der Vlist from Holland is leading after two races. We had National MX Championships in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, UK and Holland

EnduroYamaha Johanssons team riders Eero Remes and Wil Ruperecht did a well at the GP in Valpacos, Portugal. It was a challenging GP with tough conditions and hot weather. Wil was second on Saturday and Eero was third in Sunday.

Finnish rider Eero Remes claims 3rd place in Portugal. | @fredccy photo
@fredccy photo
@fredccy photo
Australian rider Wil Ruperecht. | @fredccy photo
@fredccy photo
@fredccy photo
Prit Benie from Estonia. | @fredccy photo
Alex Walton from the UK.| @fredccy photo
125 cc rider from Finland, Hugo Svard. | @fredccy photo
@fredccy photo
Swedish rider Marcus Adielsson in the 125 cc class. | @fredccy photo
Patrik Andersson Sweden World cup. | @fredccy photo
Fraser Flockhart UK World cup | @fredccy photo
Bloms MX Racing rider Fillip Bengtsson. | MXCarro photo
MXCarro photo
MXCarro photo
Frederik Theorell of Team MC Sport | MXCarro photo
Anton Wallstén of Team MC Sport | MXCarro photo
Leopold Ambjørnsson took second in MX Junior for Bloms MX Racing. | MXCarro photo
Stombergs Racing's William Tellgren. | MXCarro photo
Adam Sundin from Team Absulut MX (Kawasaki Sweden) | MXCarro photo
Karlstrøms Motor rider Pelle Nisson. | MXCarro photo
Casper Lindholm of Bloms MX Racing. | MXCarro photo
Robert Friberg on the enduro bike. He was inside the top 10. | MXCarro photo

Not the best of days for the CreyMert team at the Dutch Masters. Kevin Horgmo  | Niekfotographer photo
Håkon Østerhagen  | Niekfotographer photo
Rob Hooper Racing Team rider, Taylor Hammal was 6th at Maxxis ACU British Motocross.
Jakob Kjær Nielsen win the MX1 class in the Danish championship 
Indrek Magi was 4 in the Estoinian championship.
Shana Van Der Vlist was second overall in Italy but came out as a winner of this weekend's race in France.
Double podium for FXR in the European Championship with Shana Van Der Vlist and Anne Borchers in France.
Shana with her trophy.
Sandra Karlsson Kawasaki Sweden | Achille Rossi photo
Martine Hughes was second in the 125 class last weekend in Italy, but won the 125 class this weekend in France.

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