Updates from Europe

Updates from Europe

October 2, 2017

by Gjermund Frostad Photos by Jennie Nilson

Swedish National Championship

Place: Bollnes Sweden Date: 30.09.17 Conditions: Muddy The final round in the Swedish Enduro Championship was held this past weekend in Bollnes which is in the north of Sweden. For our FXR backed riders there were 7 riders in the top 15 for the total standings. Rounding out the series we are proud to say that we also have 4 Swedish 2017 Champions!


2017 Total Standings Cup: 2) Albin Elowson, FMCK Skövde, 640. 3) Niklas Persson, Karlskoga EK, 420. 6) Oliver Nelson, Tibro MK, 29510) Emil Jonsson, Tibro MK, 191. 11) Erik Ljungberg, Falköpings MK, 159. 12) Anton Sandstedt, Tibro MK, 141. 14) Robert Friberg, Tibro MK, 120.  SM1: 1) Niklas Persson, Karlskoga EK, 146 FXR . 2) Andreas Linusson, Kinna MK, 142. 3) Johan Edlund, Karlskoga EK, 120  SM2: 1) Joakim Ljunggren, Karlskoga EK, 145. 2) Albin Elowson, FMCK Skövde, FXR 134. 3) Oliver Nelson, Tibro MK, FXR 120. SM3:1 Robert Friberg, Tibro MK, FXR 141. 2) Linus Fasth, Linköpings MS, 134. 3) Niklas Gustafsson, Göta MS, 93. Womens: 1) Hanna Berzelius, Linköpings MS, FXR 154. 2) Amanda Elvin, Försvarsmaktens EK, FXR 132. 3) Martina Reimander, Försvarsmaktens EK, JSM21) Anton Sandstedt, Tibro MK, FXR 125. 2) Oskar Ljungström, Falköpings MK, 119, 3) Victor Broström, Karlskoga EK, 125 Junior Cup: 1) Joakim Grelsson, Fältjägarna EF, 157, 2) Emil Jonsson, Tibro MK, FXR 139, 3) Marcus Adielsson, Tibro MK,   
Anton Sandstedt Swedish Junior E2 champ
Robert Friberg Swedish E3 champ
Niklas Persson Swedish E1 champ
Hanna Berzelius Swedish woman champ Husqvarna LeoVegas
Albin Elowson winner of the overall day and second in E2 championship
Oliver Nelson Team Hedstøms motor
Amanda Elvin
Charlie Viklund team Hoybutiken

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