Updates from Europe

Updates from Europe

March 27, 2019

by Gjermund Frostad

A couple of boxes ticked for FXR this weekend in Europe with our very first GP win in the World Enduro Championship by Finnish rider Eero Remes. 
Not a podium but certainly a ride that was podium worthy at the MXGP of Great Britain at Matterley Basin, Winchester, Norwegian rider Kevin Horgmo took second place in heat two in the EMX250. A nasty crash pulled him out of podium contention in the first heat.


Event: World Enduro Championship
Place: Dahalen Germany
Date: March 21,22,23

Photos by MXCarro
Wil Ruprecht from Australia was the big talk after the super-test on Friday night. He won his class and was second in the overall for the night. They had 3500 spectators turn out in the middle of the city Dahalen to see the WC riders do the super-test. See video here.
Yamaha Johansson MPE had a huge downer on Saturday when their number one rider, Eero Remes had his chain break and he was out after leading the race. He came back to take the win on Sunday after a huge battle with top Italian rider, Alex Salvini. Remes managed to take the win on the last stage by +0.16 sec. This was a huge win for the Johansson Yamaha team and for FXR.
Wil Ruprecht was second and third for the weekend and maintained the lead all Sunday until a crash in the last corner on the test that pushed him back to second place. He will be back and will be stronger than we have ever seen him this season.
Albin Elowson was second on Saturday in the E2 class but ended up being sick on Sunday. 

Points standing in World Championship E2
Eero Remes hales from Finland.
Australian rider Wil Ruprecht.
Hugo Svard of Finland was fighting all day for a podium on day two. This young Finn was impressive at his first GP.
Albin Elowson was second in E2 on Saturday, but end up sick on Sunday and did not start. | @fredccy photo


Event: MXGP of Great Britain
Place: Matterley Basin, Winchester, England 
Date: March 23-24

Photos by Juan Pablo Acevedo Photo
Kevin was second in the qualifying on Saturday but ended up with a huge crash in the first heat. See video.
He came back on Sunday with very strong ride and took a second place finish so overall a good weekend for Horgmo. He will probably have a start in the MX2 World Championship this weekend in Holland

Rob Hooper Racing's rider Taylor Hammal was 18th in his first EMX 250.

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