Triple Crown MX: Round 8 Deschambault | Photo Report

Triple Crown MX: Round 8 Deschambault | Photo Report

August 8, 2018

Photos by James Lissimore With round eight in the books that leaves us with only one remaining round. We head back to Walton. Points chase for the title is down to the wire with Jess Pettis only a mere three points ahead of Joey Crown. It's anybody's game. Let's take a look back at the weekend at Deschambault in Quebec.  


Sarah-Kim Villeneuve came out swinging again at Deschambault. She would finish with a 4-5 for an impressive 5th overall.
Melanie Harvey would take 21-23 for 23rd overall.
Quebec native Malia Garant would go 12-32 for 18th overall.


Anthony Spadaccini would take 28=18 for 24th overall.
He's back for more! New Englander Chris Canning came up for yet another appearance at the Canadian nationals.
Canning would come away with a solid 9-9 for 8th overall.
Watch out for that impish grin.
Clason got all the bugs shook out this weekend and had a solid ride.
Clason would take 8-8 for 7th overall.
Cade rockin' the new Helium Black/Hi-Vis kit for Deschambault.
A rough day for Hayden Halstead prepping his gate for qualifiers.
Halstead had a scary crash when he came up short on a jump. He was taken to hospital for assessment and had a minor concussion, split lip and a fractured T-12. This will finish Hayden's season but we are certainly glad that he's going to be ok. Wishing you speedy recovery Hayden from all of us at FXR!
Jonah Brittons would take 18-25 for 22nd overall.
Connor Paul would go DNF-26 for 33rd overall.
Another solid weekend for Jared Petruska.
Jared would take 16-12 for 13th overall.
Insert Village People chorus.
Uphill charge for qualifiers.
Jess looking sharp in his new Helium kit.
Beast mode. Pettis was really hucking it over the big double at Deschambault.
Jess would take 2-3 to give him 2nd overall.
Back on the box.
Josh Prior would take DNF-14 for 20th overall.
Kein Denzler #49 and Jared Petruska #43 on the line.
Denzler put on a good ride at Deschambault going 14-11 for 10th overall.
Marco Cannella ready to head to qualifiers.
Cannella likes to find his groove with some tunes before his moto.
The new Helium kits looked pretty slick for Deschambault.
Cannella dug in and had a great ride this weekend.
Marco would take an impressive 5-6 to give him 6th overall. Watch for good results from Cannella when we head to Walton.
Meeting of the minds. MD Distributions/FXR rep Marco Dube and FXR Brand Manager Andy White talk about the old days.
Mike Fowler returned for more east national action and is getting his mojo back. Fowler would take 24-15 for 20th overall.
Paying tribute to a fallen brother. Nathaniel Bosum's father Grand Chief Abel Bosum addresses the Deschambault crowd as the Triple Crown series retires Nathaniel's #789 in his honour. Rest in peace #789 Miigwetch
Ryan Lalonde would go 19-19 for 19th overall.
William Crete would finish with a 20-16 for 18th overall.
Wyatt Waddell would go 27-DNF for 35th overall.
Pettis will carry the red plate over to the final round at Walton in just over a week's time.

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