Triple Crown MX: Round 5 Sand Del Lee, ON | Photo Report

Triple Crown MX: Round 5 Sand Del Lee, ON | Photo Report

July 10, 2018

by Dawn McClintock Photos by James Lissimore We returned to racing action after a few weeks off shifting from west rounds to east rounds. Back on the eastern leg of the tour this year is Sand Del Lee MX Park, just outside Canada's capital city, Ottawa. It's been a couple of years since we've had SDL on the circuit and it's great to have them back. These guys know how to host a national event. We were fortunate that the crazy humidity dropped off prior to the weekend. While it was still plenty hot, it wasn't heat stroke causing conditions. A really good start to the eastern series and things heat up in the points chase moving forward to Gopher Dunes next weekend...let's hope mother nature keeps the heat turned down this year for The Dunes.

FXR 2019 MX Gear Launch

FXR also had some exciting news come down the pipe and what better way to celebrate than to share it at one of the national rounds. Our 2019 gear collection officially launched and we showcased it the Friday night before the national with a number of key players in attendance. Before we break into the race action, here's a few shots from the gear launch held at the SDL pro shop.
Some of the new 2019 line was on display at the pro shop at SDL for all to check out.
We even snuck in a couple of youth riders that looked a little less rigid than the big guys.
FXR owner, Milt Reimer takes the stage to talk about the evolution of FXR and the impact that the moto line is making on the scene now. Special thanks goes out to Ryan Gauld for doing a great job as MC for the event.
We got to hear from some of the top pro guys who chimed in about their gear. Royal Distributing/Yamaha Canada/FXR rider Jess Pettis talks with Ryan Gauld.
Another member of the Royal Distributing/Yamaha Canada/FXR team Marco Cannella got a chance to talk to the crowd about his year so far.
Rounding out the Royal Distributing/Yamaha Canada/FXR squad was Hayden Halstead.
Manager for the home team and chief bottle washer for the SDL track, Kevin Tyler talks about the close relationship they have built with FXR.
Long-time FXR athlete and now FXR rep, Marco Dube was there to talk about his relationship with the brand. | Bigwave photo

Sand Del Lee MX National — Ladies

Starting the program off on Saturday was the first eastern round of the Ladies MX National. New York state native Julia Krzemien has made her return to Canada again to take on the series. Julia would take a solid 5-6 for 5th overall.
Ontario speed demon, Gemma Pope turned some heads at SDL on her two stroke. She took 7-7 for 7th overall.
An impressive ride from Quebec native, Sarah-Kim Villeneuve taking 6-8 for 8th overall.
Dominique Brule would take 15-20 for 18th overall.
Malia Garant would go 25-22 for 24th overall.
Dana Barrett would take 19-27 to give her 23rd overall.
Manitoba native Michaela Hamm made the long journey east again this year to compete in the Ladies class. She took 20-17 for a 19th overall.
Your Sand Del Lee Ladies podium with Julia Krzemien grabbing 5th overall.

Sand Del Lee MX National — MX1 and MX2

Early morning light in the Royal Distributing/Yamaha Canada/FXR camp as they head out for practice.
Halstead heads out to clock some fast qualifying times.
It's go time for Jess Pettis.
Scoping some lines.
Taking pole position in qualifiers. Pettis is primed and ready for race time.
Churning up that deep SDL sand.
Marco Cannella gets in his zone.
Cannella takes his place on the line.
Shaping up to be a good day for Cannella at his home track.
Local rider, Anthony Spadaccini finally got to sleep his own bed after being on the road doing the western series. He would 22-25 for 24th overall at SDL.
Cade Clason got to be one of the first guys to wear the brand new Helium Navy/LT Grey/Red/Hi-Vis kits that just hit the market last Friday.
Clason would take 8th in moto one.
Cade ended up crashing in the first turn for moto two and battled his way up all the way from 36th to finish in 7th place.
If Clason could get a good start we will very likely see him cracking that top 5 in the east.
Davey Fraser pushing forward as things head further east.
Fraser would take 14-16 to give him 15th overall.
Stop by the Carlson Racing pit to get yourself a signed poster from Davey and his team mates this weekend at Gopher Dunes.
Port Franks, ON native Duncan MacLeod would take 33-35 for 34th overall.
The eastern tracks always favour Hayden Halstead's results.
Pouring it on at SDL, Halstead has the ride of his career.
Hayden would round out his day with a solid 5-7 to give him that 5th overall he's been shooting for. Watch for the trend to continue heading east.
Prince George, BC native Jonah Brittons had a solid ride this weekend at SDL.
Brittons would take 14-12 to give him 14th overall.
Jared Petruska continues to put in solid results.
The Sky Holeshot Racing rider Petruska would take 10-11 to give him 10th overall.
Keeping cool in his new Helium kit. Pettis packs his gate.
Getting hung up in the gate and bike issues forced Pettis to a DNF in moto one.
Pettis has to shake off his first moto pitfalls and focus on getting things done in moto two.
Getting things done is exactly what Jess did too!
Like a man on mission, Pettis regrouped and took the win in moto two.
All smiles on the podium for Jess Pettis after redeeming his earlier misfortunes.
Last minute consult with wrench Cale Foster. Marco Cannella looks like he's working on his flow.
Some great riding from Marco Cannella battling it out with Tanner Ward...just like old times on yellow plates.
Another guy to keep on your radar during the eastern rounds. These tracks will be familiar to Cannella and look for him to be on the hunt for that podium.
Finishing just behind team mate Halstead, Cannella would take 7-6 for a solid 6th place.
Always good to see Mike Fowler back up racing in Canada. His job didn't allow him to make the journey west this year but watch for him at the eastern rounds.
Fowler would take 21-18 for a 21st overall.
Alberta fast guy, Teren Gerber took some time out to ride locally over the break in the series.
Gerber would take 23-13 for 18th overall.
Local rider, William Crete has clocked quite a few laps at SDL in his day.
Crete would take 19-17 to give him 19th overall.
A tough weekend for Wyatt Waddell who wasn't able to qualify.
Heading into round six, Pettis now sits 3rd in points. See you guys at Gopher Dunes!

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