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The 2022-2023 Snocross season is officially underway! Our FXR teams kicked off the season in frigid Fargo, North Dakota at the Red River Valley Speedway where sub-zero temps and blizzard conditions made for a frosty and blustery three-day opener. Red River Valley boasts one of the lengthier tracks on the tour with an immense amount of snow, high flying triples, tall sweeping berms, pounding whoops, and rhythm sections.


For the kick-off weekend, instead of the standard format of racing, Friday was reserved for the Amsoil Dominator Cup—a series of head-to-head single elimination races in bracket format—winner take all of $10k and the coveted Dominator Cup. Spoiler alert—FXR athlete Kody Kamm claimed the Dominator title! The normal racing format resumed on Saturday and Sunday.

FXR is the leading brand in snowmobile and race gear and takes pride in their world class athlete support. We would like to highlight some of the FXR-backed Pro teams for the new season.



Owned by former Pro racer, Lincoln Lemieux, One Three Motorsports kicked off their second season over the weekend—last season being their debut as a Pro team in the series. Cael Firth #140 represents One Three in the highly competitive Sport class, reigning champ Malene Cottew #93 dominates in Pro Women, and Jeremy Beaulieu #122 rounds out the lineup in Pro Lite. Unfortunately, Beaulieu had to sit out for Rounds 1 & 2 due to an injury but plans to return for Rounds 3 & 4 in January. Recent free agent, Kenny Mandryk, happily filled in for Beaulieu over the weekend. Malene Cottew reeled in two big wins over the weekend to start the season off strong.

• Jeremy Beaulieu #122 Pro Lite
o SUB: Kenny Mandryk
• Malene Cottew #93 Pro Women
• Cael Firth #140 Sport

Race results:
• Kenny Mandryk
o Round 1: 3-4-9
o Round 2: 3-3-9

• Malene Cottew
o Round 1: 1-1-1
o Round 2: 1-1-1

• Cael Firth
o Round 1: 7-3-DNQ
o Round 2: 3-3-8



Home to four-time Pro champ Elias Ishoel #200, team owner Cory Thene announced the new addition to Thene Motorsports’ lineup this season: Crayden Dillon #906 will be their satellite Sport class racer. Dillon has a record of success and aspires to continue it with the new team. Racing in the Pro Lite class are Marcus Ogemar #58 and Emeric Legendre #144—two racers with a decorated track record of podium finishes. Elias Ishoel #200 looks to continue his winning streak in the new season and is off to a solid start, earning double podium finishes over the weekend and placing no lower than 2nd in any of his races.

• Elias Ishoel #200 Pro
• Marcus Ogemar #58 Pro Lite
• Emeric Legendre #144 Pro Lite
• Crayden Dillon #906 Sport

Race results:
• Elias Ishoel
o Round 1: 2-2-2
o Round 2: 1-1-1

• Marcus Ogemar
o Round 1: 1-7-8
o Round 2: 2-2-4

• Emeric Legendre
o Round 1: 4-1-7
o Round 2: 5-5-8

• Crayden Dillon
o Round 1: 1-1-1
o Round 2: 2-1-1



One of the most likeable teams around, Team LaVallee announced a change in their roster for the 2022-2023 season. Veteran Pro and fan favorite, Kyle Pallin, recently announced his retirement from racing and that his family of two is soon expanding! Pallin, who has been with the team since 2012, has taken on a new role with Team LaVallee, coaching and providing athlete support for his teammates. Adam Peterson #3 continues his second season in the Pro class, Ryley Bester #151 represents Team LaVallee in the Pro Lite class, and Andy Lieders #57 races in Pro Am Plus 30 and occasionally Pro Lite. Team LaVallee is owned and operated by snowmobile freestyle athlete, former racer, 13-time X-Games medalist, and icon Levi LaVallee.

• Adam Peterson #3 Pro
• Ryley Bester #151 Pro Lite
• Andy Lieders #57 Pro Am Plus 30

Race results:
• Adam Peterson
o Round 1: 7-3-6
o Round 2: 4-3-8

• Ryley Bester
o Round 1: 2-1-2
o Round 2: 1-1-2

• Andy Lieders
o Round 1: 1-1-1
o Round 2: 1-1-1




Hentges Racing, owned by Nate Hentges, has a history of success including multiple Pro Championships, X Games medals and, of course, the legendary Tim Bender in the rig. Hailing from Sweden, Oskar Norum #40, the 2021 Eagle River World Champion, has returned to the team for another season as well as veteran Pro and X Games multi-medalist Kody Kamm #53. Kamm saw a lot of clean air over the weekend, scooping up a win and dominating the Dominator.

• Kody Kamm #53 Pro
• Oskar Norum #40 Pro

Race results:
• Kody Kamm
o Round 1: 5-4-1
o Round 2: 2-1-2

• Oskar Norum
o Round 1: 5-1-7
o Round 2: 1-6-DNS



Longtime sponsors and promoters of the series, Paul & Kym Woodie brought on two new racers to Woodies Racing this season—Oskar Englund #339 in Pro Lite and Nemo Fahlander #69 in Sport, both hailing from Sweden. Woodies Racing continues to help the sport grow by bringing over riders from Europe, giving them a shot at racing with the big dogs in the U.S. Fast and furious Taven Woodie #873 returns to the Pro Women’s class after boasting 3rd in the prior season’s championship—brother and former racer Kaden Woodie coaches, wrenches, and does all of the things a good brother does. Taven Woodie cashed in two second place podium finishes to set the foundation for a successful 2022-2023 season.

• Taven Woodie #873 Pro Women
• Oskar Englund #339 Pro Lite
• Nemo Fahlander #169 Sport

Race results:
• Taven Woodie
o Round 1: 2-6-2
o Round 2: 1-1-2

• Oskar Englund
o Round 1: 8-6-20
o Round 2: 2-8-14

• Nemo Fahlander
o Round 1: 7-4-8
o Round 2: 6-4-10


Photo by Max Fierek

Photo by Max Fierek



Hemmer Motorsports is your good old fashion family kind of team—owned and operated by Steve and Nick Hemmer, the two brothers and former racers have since paved the way for their daughters to go racin’. With a long track record of podium finishes and championships, Avery Hemmer #415 will race in multiple classes this season including Jr Girls, Transition 9-13, and occasionally Jr 10-13. After a notable 4th place in points in the 120 Champ class last season, Lila Hemmer #005 will again compete in this class as well as Transition 8-10. Hemmer Motorsports includes Tyler Archambault #901 as a satellite rider and Nickolas Lorenz #572 leads the team in the Pro Lite division.

• Nickolas Lorenz #572 Pro Lite
• Avery Hemmer #415 Jr Girls, Transition 9-13,
• Lila Hemmer #005 Transition 8-10, 120 Champ
• Tyler Archambault #901 Sport (satellite rider)

Race results:
• Nickolas Lorenz
o Round 1: 3-5-10
o Round 2: DNR

• Avery Hemmer
o Round 1 (Jr Girls): 1-1-1
o Round 1 (Transition 9-13): 3-2-13
o Round 2 (Transition 9-13): DNS

• Lila Hemmer
o Round 1 (Transition 8-10): 3-3-5
o Round 2 (Transition 8-10): DNS
o Round 1 (120 Champ): 2-1-DNF

• Tyler Archambault
o Round 1: 6-3-4
o Round 2: 1-3-3




Frattalone Racing, owned by Tony Frattalone, has supported and groomed a field of successful athletes over the years, including Ryley Bester and Malene Cottew. Logan Frattalone #318, racing since the age of five, has taken on a new role with the team, offering racer support at the nationals. Additionally, Logan competes in the regional and Grass Roots series when he can. Inanna Hauger #331 continues to race in the Pro Women class after claiming 2nd in the overall points championship last season. Hauger picked up two podium finishes over the opening weekend. Eric Downs #129 makes his debut in the Pro Lite class this season after competing for Frattalone Racing in a variety of junior classes over the years.

• Eric Downs #129 Pro Lite
• Inanna Hauger #331 Pro Women
• Logan Frattalone #318 (regionals)

Race results:
• Eric Downs
o Round 1: 4-8-DNQ
o Round 2: 8-9-19

• Inanna Hauger
o Round 1: 1-2-3
o Round 2: 2-2-2



Green Mountain Racing, owned by Nate and Bradley Tatro, is one of the only East Coast based teams in the national circuit. Their 2022-2023 season lineup consists of all Scandinavian athletes. Leading the team is Aki Pihlaja #128, the Finnish Champion and former Boss Racing athlete. Topi Posti #43 will compete in the Pro Lite class, followed by Jan Even Romsdal #117 and Emil Mikalsen #119 in Sport.

• Aki Pihlaja #128 Pro
• Topi Posti #43 Pro Lite
• Jan Even Romsdal #117 Sport
• Emil Mikalsen #119 Sport

Race results:
• Aki Pihlaja
o Round 1: 3-/-9
o Round 2: 3-2-12
• Topi Posti
o Round 1: DNF-2-11
o Round 2: 6-2-7
• Jan Even Romsdal
o Round 1: 8-8-DNQ
o Round 2: 7-5-DNQ
• Emil Mikalsen
o Round 1: 2-4-2
o Round 2: 3-1-2


Photo by Max Fierek

Photo by Max Fierek







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