August 14, 2021

Photos by: BrownDogWilson / SwapMotoLive

Round 8 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series took place at historic Unadilla MX in New Berlin, New York.  Unadilla being a staple in U.S. took a 2 year break on the schedule and was welcomed back on the circuit with open arms as fans flocked to the event!  Top FXR rider on the day was Coty Schock of the FXR/Chap. Honda Team.  Coty has been a man on a mission this outdoor season and continues to surprise with his good results.  Unadilla was no exception as Schock was able to finish 10th overall in the 450 class! Coty currently sits 16th in the 450 series points.  Another great ride came from Chris Canning finishing with one of his best results of the year in 14th. Other FXR athletes in the 450 class were Jacob Runkles finishing in 21st, Ricci Randanella 25th, Nathan Laporte 27th, Bryton Carrol 33rd, Felix Lopez 34th, Trevor Schmidt 35th, Nique Thury 37th, and Cory Carsten in 38th.  In the 250 class it was Carson Mumford who came ready for battle at Unadilla.  Carson had a couple tip overs through the day but still managed to get 11th overall on the day!  Other FXR riders in the 250 class were Garrett Marchbanks finishing in 18th, Zack Williams 34th, and Stephen Hooker in 38th.  The series heads to Mechanicsville, Maryland next for Round 9 at Budds Creek Motocross Park on August 21st, 2021.

Coty Schock debuted the 2022 Podium Gladiator gear at Unadilla.

Schock has been on the gas this year and Saturday was no exception.

Schock finished 10th overall in the 450 class.

Garrett Marchbanks had a rough day with bike issues finishing in 18th.

Carson Mumford had a good day and finished 11th overall in the 250 class.

Mumford in the 22' Podium Gladiator gear.

Nique Thury Joined back in the series at Unadilla. 

Thury's day ended with a tear in his bicept.  OUCH!

Chris Canning continues to impress and finished 14th overall in the 450 class.

Zack Williams was 34th in the 250 class.

Jacob Runkles finished 21st overall in the 450 class.

Ricci Randanella was 25th in the 450 class.

Nathan Laporte finished 27th in the 450 class.

Bryton Carrol was 33rd in the 450 class.

Cory Carsten finished 38th in the 450 class.


Unadilla's Skyshot jump!

Back next weekend for Budds Creek!

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