Round 7 RedBud MX National | Photo Report

Round 7 RedBud MX National | Photo Report

July 9, 2019

Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

If you're a race fan, there's no better patriotic way of spending your 4th of July weekend than hitting up RedBuuud! Every year this round is always a highlight on the circuit for fans and riders alike. We saw hometown hero Joey Crown light things up in the 250 class with an amazing start in the first moto. Henry Miller is positioning himself into the top 10 in the 450 class, a solid ride for young Coty Schock and we have the return of Kyle Cunningham showing some great potential. It was a good weekend for FXR. Here's a look at Round 7.

Lansing, MI native #359 Ed Morris.
Another Michigan native #631 Brandon Dickson.
Rider #151 Carter Gordon hails from Illinois.
Another Illinois rider #288 Parker Smith.
Illinois native #464 Branden Brill.
#613 Nick Schnagl hails from Stillwater, MN.
#931 Stephen Vuckson from IN.
South Carolina rider #210 Jonathan Mayzak.
The heat is on. In more ways than one.
#583 Corey Ridel and #228 Donny Brown all set on the line.
Carte Gordon strikes his GQ pose.
Sizing up the competition.
A whopping start for #89 Joey Crown in moto one.
Crown had some bike troubles that prevented him from showing his true potential at his home track.
This is the money shot right there! Nice going Joey.
Crown would would take 39-17 for 22nd overall.
Jerry Robin would take 16th in moto one.
Hayden Halstead took 28th in the first moto.
New England rider Josh Prior #345 took 24th in moto one.
In the first moto Carter Gordon #151 took 40th and #583 Corey Ridel took 34th.
Donny Brown took 35th in the first moto.
Nathen LaPorte was 32nd in moto one.
Kyle Cunningham back in the mix. He would take an impressive 13th in moto one.
Flag waving moment with Coty Schock.
#711 Tristan Lane would take 24th in moto one.
Coty Schock had a good day at RedBud. He took 15th in moto one.
#80 Heath Harrison grabbed 29th in the first moto.
Jacob Runkles took 27th in moto one.
Bike troubles left Hayden Halstead pushing his bike to the pits to end his day. He was 36th overall.
Despite his bike issues, Halstead left feeling proud of his accomplishments and we will see him return for Ironman.
Corey Ridel finished 36th in moto two and went 38th overall.
Josh Prior took 31st in the second moto and went home with 31st overall.
Carter Gordon rounded out his day with 38th in moto two to give him 39th overall.
With 35th in moto two, Donny Brown wrapped his day up with 37th overall.
Jerry Robin would take 37th in moto two to give him 21st overall.
#711 Tristan Lane took 24th in moto two as well to give him 26th overall.
A few lingering mechanical issues left Kyle Cunningham with 39th in moto two and he finished with 16th overall.
Heath Harrison would take 23rd in moto two and take home 28th overall.
Coty Schock with another outstanding weekend would finish 16th in moto two and go 15th overall.
Henry Miller turned it up another notch at RedBud with 14th in moto two and sealing 12th overall.
See you guys at Spring Creek!

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