February 13, 2021

Photos by: BrownDogWilson / Swap Moto Live

The Monster Energy Supercross Series headed South to Orlando, Florida for round 7.  It might of been warmer weather than Indianapolis but the weather was still a big issue for the day.  Early Saturday morning mother nature unleashed rain making for some wet conditions in practice but come night show the track was turned around nicely.  In the 450 class privateer Freddie Noren was able to get in his first main event of the year and placed 21st.  Kyle Chisholm was also able to race into the 450 main and finished 19th respectably.  In the 250 class Logan Karnow was able to grab another great top 10 finish finishing 10th in the main.  Hunter Sayles made the 250 main as well but bike problems led to a 21st place finish.  The series stays in Orlando, Florida for one more week and resumes on February 20th, 2021 for round 8.

Kyle Chisholm finished 19th in the 450 main.

Chiz looking good in the Revo Midnight/Yellow gear set.

Freddie Noren had a rough go so far in 2021 but turned it around at round 7.

Noren finished 21st in the 450 main.

Hunter Sayles has had some great ride in 21'.

Sayles had some bike issues in the 250 main and ended up 21st.

Hunter Sayles

Logan Karnow had another top 10 finish at round 7.

Logan Karnow 10th in the 250 main.

Logan Karnow

Orlando got quite a bit of rain before practice.

A muddy mess early in the day.

Track turned around nicely before the night show!

Joan Cros

Joan Cros in the Helium Inferno gear.

Bubba Pauli

Ronnie Stewart

Scotty Wennerstrom

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