July 17, 2021

Photos by: BrownDogWilson 

Round 6 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series took place in Spring Creek, Minnesota for the MILLVILLE National!  MIllville was a special one for FXR as the newest 2022 Helium gear was worn by our FXR supported teams.  Lot's of buzz and positive comments poured in about the gear and looks to be a great couple weeks ahead as FXR will be debuting new gear at the nationals for the remainder of the series.  Top FXR rider on the day was Carson Mumford of the FXR / Chap. Honda team.  Carson had a breakout ride moto 2 with an 8th place finish which secured him 9th overall on the day!  In the 450 Class Freddie Noren was looking more comfortable on his KTM and put in one of his best finishes of the year for 12th overall.  (For a full rundown of FXR riders see below results)  The series continues next weekend in Washougal, Washington on July 24th, 2021.

Spring Creek Round 6 250 Overall Results

1 Jeremy Martin 2 Michael Mosiman 3 Justin Cooper 4 Jett Lawrence 5 Hunter Lawrence 6 Colt Nichols 7 Jo Shimoda 8 Austin Forkner 9 Carson Mumford 10 Jalek Swoll 11 Max Vohland 12 Dilan Schwartz 13 R.J. Hampshire 14 Jarrett Frye 15 Stilez Robertson 16 Garrett Marchbanks 17 Brandon Scharer 18 Ramyller Alves 19 Joshua Varize 20 Derek Kelley 21 Pierce Brown 22 Ty Masterpool 23 Xylian Ramella 24 Zack Williams 25 Alex Martin 26 Jerry Robin 27 TJ Uselman 28 Ryder Floyd 29 Garrett Hoffman 30 Gared Steinke 31 Logan Boye 32 Gabe Gutierres 33 Wade Brommel 34 Blake Ashley 35 Izaih Clark 36 Jeffrey Walker 37 Kyle Greeson 38 Christopher Prebula 39 Kailub Russell 40 James Harrington 41 Grant Harlan 42 Conner Burger 43 Nate Thrasher 

Spring Creek Round 6 450 Overall Results

1 Justin Barcia 2 Eli Tomac 3 Dylan Ferrandis 4 Chase Sexton 5 Christian Craig 6 Aaron Plessinger 7 Marvin Musquin 8 Ken Roczen 9 Joey Savatgy 10 Dean Wilson 11 Max Anstie 12 Fredrik Noren 13 Brandon Hartranft 14 Justin Bogle 15 Cooper Webb 16 Ben LaMay 17 Justin Rodbell 18 Chris Canning 19 Curren Thurman 20 Alex Ray 21 Jacob Runkles 22 Scott Meshey 23 Ryan Surratt 24 Jeremy Hand 25 Bryce Hansen 26 Tyler Stepek 27 Dawson Ryker 28          Justin Rando 29 Bryton Carroll 30 Hunter Schlosser 31 Nicolas Rolando 32 Matthew Hubert 33 Cody Groves 34 Nathen Laporte 35 Wyatt Lyonsmith 36 Pierce Knight 37 Coty Schock 38 Bryce Backaus 39 Rody Schroyer 40 Cory Carsten 41 Adam Cianciarulo 42 Nicholas Tomasunas


Coty Schock Debuting some of the new 2022 Helium gear!

Coty had a great start to the weekend grabbing the moto 1 holeshot but bike issues caused some DNF's on the day.

Freddie Noren showed great speed all day and finished 12th overall in the 450 class.

Freddie Noren / 2022 Helium Gear

Carson Mumford was feeling it in Minnesota! 

Carson was steady all day and finished 9th overall in the 250 class.

Garrett Marchbanks struggled a tad in MN.  Bike problems and crashes resulted in a 16th place finish on the day.

Marchbanks / 2022 Helium Gear

Brandon Scharer had a great weekend finishing 17th overall.

Brandon will be sitting out Washougal as he will be making the trip to Loretta Lynn's amateur national next.

Minnesota's own Zack Williams finished 24th in the 250 class.

Chris Canning finished 18th in the 450 class.

Chris Canning

Bryton Carroll made his return for 29th in the 450 class.

Cory Carsten was 40th in the 450 class.

Runkles continues to have good results with a 22nd at Millville.

Nothing better than cooling off in the Spring Creek.  See ya next weekend in WA!

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