Round 6 Southwick MX National | Photo Report

Round 6 Southwick MX National | Photo Report

July 3, 2019

Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

One of the favourite tracks on the circuit has always been Southwick located in the state of Massachusetts. As a fan, there are plenty of vantage points to watch the race and for the racer it's just plain fun...well unless the temperatures soar that is. We had one hot weekend at Southwick and with 84 entries alone in the 250 class we knew we were in for a showdown. There are a lot of fast New England riders that can be the wild card when it comes to qualifying here. For Canadian rider, Hayden Halstead, a member of the Royal Distributing/FXR/Yamaha Canada/MX101 team this was his first attempt at a national south of the border and he knew going in that he had his work cut out for him. Halstead did well and surpassed his expectations of himself here at Southwick. We also saw the likes of Cody Schock, Henry Miller Tristan Lane and Jerry Robin busting out their best moves in the sand to get themselves positioned well into the top 20. Here's a look at some of our riders at Round 6.

Southwick is a treat for both rider and spectator alike.
New Jersey rider Anthony Roth.
Fresh off the west Canadian MX national series, Hayden Halstead thought he'd take a stab at an American national.
Local fast guy Stephen Czarnota lined up to do battle at his home track.
Connecticut native #956 Austin Phelps.
#270 Jacob Runkles from Maryland.
Halstead is a sand rider by trade so Southwick has always been on his bucket list.
Jeremy Smith with a few stare-down tactics on the line.
That's Rhode Island native #570, TJ Lanphear.
Maryland rider #217 Cory Gilliam on the gas in qualifiers.
Local rider #295 Jack Pagano.
#631 Brandon Dickson from Michigan.
#931 Stephen Vuckson from Indiana.
Connecticut native #956 Austin Phelps.
It's always a treat to see Chris Canning racing at his home track.
Jacob Runkles took 34th in the first moto.
Heath Harrison would take 39th in moto one.
Chris Canning took 21st in moto one.
True to form, Henry Miller continues to set the bar higher each week. He took an impressive 13th in moto one.
Hayden Halstead would grab 28th in the first moto.
Jonathan Mayzak would take 35th in the first moto.
Scrubbing over the jump. Steve Czarnota took 36th in moto one.
Hayden Halstead had a much better second moto where he took 19th to give him 21st overall. A great effort for a first-time appearance at an American outdoor national.
Stephen Czarnota would take 30th in moto two to give him 36th for the day.
#583 Cory Ridel would go 29-25 for 26th overall.
#719 from Rhode Island, Josh Berchem would go 30-26 for 27th overall.
In the second moto Jonathan Mayzak took 28th to give him 34th overall.
Heath Harrison would take 33rd to round out his day with a 37th overall.
Coty Schock is really starting to find his groove. He tackled the Soutwick sand with a 17-14 for an impressive 15th overall.
Jacob Runkles would take 30th in the second moto to give him 34th overall.
Jeremy Smith dug in for 32-32 for a 35th overall.
Chris Canning rounded out his day with 19th in the second moto to give him 23rd overall.
And the sand got deep!
Tristan Lane had a solid day with a 22-15 to give him 20th overall.
Another great weekend for Jerry Robin who finished with an impressive 14-17 to give him 15th overall.
Happy Independence Day to our American riders and we will see you at RED BUUUUUUD!

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