Round 6 Penton GNCC | Photo Report

Round 6 Penton GNCC | Photo Report

May 23, 2019

by Kyle Wolfe
Photos by Darrin Chapman

The 6th round of the Grand National Cross Country Series was held in the heartland of off-road racing, at the 30thAnnual John Penton GNCC, in Millfield, Ohio. Heavy rains Friday morning, as well as more showers early Saturday morning, made an already difficult race course, even worse.  Ohio red clay is one of the hardest track surfaces in the world to figure out. In the same straight away you could have tacky conditions for ultimate traction, leading into ice rink like soil, constantly keeping riders on their toes. For three hours, riders not only battled each other, but the race course as well, which was the most difficult element of the race. FXR riders shined in the tough conditions. Round 7 of the GNCC series takes place January 1stand 2ndat the Tomahawk, in Odessa, New York.

Cory Buttrick and wife Mackenzie happy to be close to home, the site of Cory’s overall victory in 2010.
Evan Smith ready to go in the Buckeye State.
Wheels up for Cory B during opening ceremonies.
Cope Beckert was riding well until bike issues slowed his pace.
Buttrick trying to keep moving forward in the tough conditions.
Evan Smith getting all the traction he can to the rear tire.
Beckert got to experience Rut City.
More ruts for Cory B.
This valley was tricky all day long. Evan Smith navigated it well.
Jonathon Johnson rode consistent all day for 10thin XC2.
Did Cory mention there was water as well? Notice all the rocks behind him.
Triston Landrum didn’t have to drive 30 minutes to secure Top Amateur honors in front of the hometown crowd.
Brody Johnson fought hard from a bad start  for 4thin 250A.
Evan’s reaction to all the ruts and mud ahead of him.
Evan Smith left everything on the track to take 3rdin XC2.
After injuries and bad luck, Triston Landrum backed up his Top Amateur award from 2016.

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