Round 5 Sand Del Lee MX National | Photo Report

Round 5 Sand Del Lee MX National | Photo Report

July 25, 2019

Photos by James Lissimore

I've been to my share of races in the sweltering heat but I have to say this past weekend at Sand Del Lee just outside of Ottawa, Ontario was an absolute scorcher. Gopher Dunes temps seemed like a cakewalk after this race. Kudos to those who raced through the heat on Saturday and to the heavens that opened up right after racing was done and provided us with loads of rain and sagging awnings. At least that made for cooler temps on amateur day on Sunday. We saw some fantastic battles on the track and we also had a fair bit of drama at this round that no one wants to see. Let's focus on the good racing we got to witness right here.


Dana Barrett starting to find her groove after injury hampering her results. She went 24-25 for 26th overall.
Sarah-Kim Villeneuve has come out swinging in the east. She finished an impressive 3-3 for 2nd overall.
Minnesota import, Jackie Riess would go 10-11 for 11th overall.


Nathan Bles completely dominating the FXR Pre-Mix class.

250 PRO

Vented gear was the choice of the day in the 44° heat at SDL.
Local rider Anthony Spadaccini took 32-22 for 25th overall.
Christopher Fortier grabbed himself 11-35 for 16th overall.
After watching riders use a leaf blower when he was racing a few AMA MX Nationals, Hayden Halstead figured that would be a nice addition to the toolbox.
Halstead would take 17-9 for 12th overall.
There's no stopping Josh Osby. He's a man on a mission right now.
Osby would take 6-4 for a solid 4th overall.
Jayce Pennington had a rough go in the first moto where he tangled with a crashed rider and yardsaled off the track to a DNF. Jayce would take 40-17 for 22nd overall.
Josh Prior finished with 15-20 for 18th overall.
Davey Fraser digging in here at SDL would take 13-19 for 15th overall.
Luke Renzland was cranking out some fast lap times all day.
Renzland put on a very impressive ride where he took 2-3 for 3rd overall.
A good day for Marco Cannella.
Cannella had the hammer down and went 7-8 for 7th overall.
Marshal Weltin got hit with some mechanical issues that knocked him back in points.
Weltin would take 35-5th or 11th overall.
Teren Gerber would take 31-23 for 26th overall.
Finally Tyler Gibbs is getting the results he's been chasing all season. He would take 12-14 for 13th overall.
William Crete would take 19-16 for 17th overall.

450 PRO

Cade Clason had a great ride at SDL.
Cade would take 6-7 for 7th overall.
Eric Jeffery took 25-14 for 16th overall.
Keylan Meston back on track at SDL with 9-6 for 8th overall.
Not the results Liam O'Farrell was hoping for at SDL after his solid ride at Gopher.
O'Farrell finished with 38-DNF for 38th overall.
Nicoletti and Thompson debating who was stronger, Tarzan or Flash Gordon.
At the time of this posting, the appeal was reviewed for the penalties in place and Nicoletti will have 5 positions docked but will no longer be listed as DQ for Round 5.
Good news that this will still leave Phil in the points running.
How cool was it to see hear that two-stroke wringing out in the 450 class. TJ Lanphear would take 18-18 for 17th overall.
Maffenbeier really finding his groove at SDL.
Maffenbeier would claim 3rd place in moto one.
Back on the box where he knows he belongs.
An amazing ride so far for young Sam Gaynor who pulled off the hole shot in the second moto.
Gaynor would take 12-10 for 11th overall.
Maffenbeier held strong to take 4th in moto two.
Maffenbeier rounded out his day with 3rd overall.
Unfortunately during practice this week Shawn broke his clavicle and will be out for the remainder of the outdoor season. Wishing Shawn a speedy recovery.
See you at Riverglade!

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