February 2, 2021

Photos by: BrownDogWilson

Round 5 of the Monster Energy Supercross Series stayed in Indianapolis for a special Tuesday night race.  Race 2 of a 3 race stay in Indy went off just like any other weekend race and brought some mid-week fireworks to the series!  In the premier 450 class Kyle Chisholm showed his consistency and was able to grab another 15th place finish on the night!  In the 250 class the International Race  Team rider of Logan Karnow had a career best race finishing 9th!  Other riders on that team; Bubba Pauli and Joan Cros have shown their growth in the 450 class as well.  Both riders have been right on the cusp of making mains and are showing the possibilities of their privateer team.  Round 6 of the series stays in Indianapolis, Indiana for one more round on Saturday February 6, 2021.  

Kyle Chisholm has been very steady through 2021.  He continued his consistency at Indy 2 with a 15th in the 450 main.

Chisholm had a crash at the first Indy he was recovering from but was feeling better at Indy 2.


Kyle Chisholm in the 450 main event.

Bubba Pauli coming out of the tunnels of Lucas Oil Stadium.

Pauli was so close to the 450 main. He ran top 4 the whole race until being passed with a lap to go.

Joan Cros just missed the main at Indy 2. Cros has rode very good in 2021.

All smiles out of Joan Cros.

Joan Cros

It has been a rough go for Freddie Noren in 21' with crashes.

Freddie rode practice at Round 5 but was forced to pull out after a practice crash.

Freddie will be getting checked out this week and try to be back as soon as possible.

Logan Karnow has been a solid main event guy in the 250 East.

9th place finish out of Karnow at Round 5 in the 250 class.

Sayles crashed in the LCQ while in a qualifying spot.

Hunter Sayles in the Helium Yellow/Red/Black.

Hunter was bummed not to make the main but will be back for Round 6.

Scotty Wennerstrom

450 class start.

Indianapolis starting line.

Back for one more round in Indianapolis Saturday for Round 6.

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