Round 4 Gopher Dunes MX National | Photo Report

Round 4 Gopher Dunes MX National | Photo Report

July 17, 2019

Photos by James Lissimore, John Meaney and Gary Michael

We are back on track after a big break in the Triple Crown MX Tour. Round 4 landed us smack dab in the middle of the beach at Gopher Dunes just outside of Courtland, Ontario and yes there were floaties in the infield pond so it really was a beach atmosphere. Unlike other national rounds at Gopher Dunes, it was hot on Saturday but not that crazy, heat-stroke kind of weather we normally get at a Gopher national. The racing was intense and the red plate seems to get shuffled every week rather than any one rider dominating. It's anyone's game in the east so let's take a look at how things shook down at Round 4.

WMX East

#15 Eden Netelkos and Luke Renzland's main squeeze took 8-6 for 7th OA. | John Meaney photo
Brook Greenlaw #122 would take 23-18 for 20th OA. | Gary Michael photo
Sarah-Kim Villeneuve put on an impressive ride at Gopher taking 3-11 for 6th OA. | John Meaney photo
Quebec native Malia Garant would take 16-23 for 19th OA. | Gary Michael photo
Quebec rider #98 Melanie Harvey took 22-25 for 26th OA. | John Meaney photo
#970 Dana Barrett went 27-27 for 27th OA. | Gary Michael photo
Minnesota native Jackie Riess grabbed herself a 11-8 for 8th OA. | Gary Michael photo
Top scoring FXR WMX east rider Brittani Majcher pushed hard in the Gopher sand for 7-4 to give her 4th OA. Watch for Majcher to find her spot on the podium as things head east. | John Meaney photo


The guy to beat is that red plate holder #218 Nathan Bles. | John Meaney photo
Who has more fun than these guys! #259 Taylor Ciampichini was all smiles on race day. | John Meaney photo
Off the start for the Pre-Mix class. | John Meaney photo
Nathan Bles taking the win again at Gopher Dunes. | John Meaney photo
Your FXR Pre-Mix podium with Nathan Bless taking 1st and Taylor Ciampichini taking 3rd. | John Meaney photo

250 PRO

Feel the mood in the Royal Distributing/FXR/Yamaha camp. | Lissimore photo
Gate prep for mister red plate, Marshal Weltin. | Lissimore photo
| Lissimore photo
Jayce Pennington also entered the series at Gopher Dunes. | Lissimore photo
William Crete grabbed himself a 20-24 for 23rd OA.| Lissimore photo
West coast rider Tyler Gibbs took 26-34 for 35th OA. | Lissimore photo
Alberta rider Teren Gerber took 17-19 for 20th OA. | Lissimore photo
Marshal Weltin looked strong out there in the sand. He finished with 4-5 for 5th OA. | Lissimore photo
Royal Distributing/FXR Yamaha rider Marco Cannella put on a good ride to take 5-7 for 6th OA. | Lissimore photo
On a charge, Luke Renzland poured it on hard at the Dunes to go 3-4 for 3rd OA. | Lissimore photo
Jayce Pennington would take 16-18 for 17th OA. | Lissimore photo
Some bad luck for Josh Osby in moto one left him to DNF but he came back strong in moto two with 6th place. He would end up 13th OA. | Lissimore photo
Local boy and Royal Distributing/FXR/Yamaha squad member, Hayden Halstead dug in to take 11-9 for 10th OA. | Lissimore photo
Davey Fraser went 23-23 for 26th OA. | Lissimore photo
Gopher marked the return of CTR Motorsports rider Christopher Fortier who had been sidelined with concussion. He came back at Round 4 to grab 19-17 for 19th OA. | Lissimore photo
Renzland gets some TV time. | Lissimore photo
Your 250 Pro podium with Luke Renzland taking third place.
Time to celebrate! | Lissimore photo

450 PRO

Shawn Maffenbeier ready to race. | Lissimore photo
Cade Clason gets a little pep talk from the bossman Al Dyck. | Lissimore photo
The Rockstar/OTSFF/Yamaha boys are ready to roll. | Lissimore photo
Keylan Meston wishing someone would turn down the heat. | Lissimore photo
A great run for Shawn Maffenbeier who took 6-5 for 5th OA. | Lissimore photo
Sam Gaynor with an amazing start in moto two ended up with 11-15 for 14th OA. | Lissimore photo
The new kid, Tristan Lane from Florida decided to give Gopher Dunes a try since the American series was on a break this weekend. He showed his stuff and went 5-6 for an impressive 6th OA. | Lissimore photo
Phil Nicoletti was an animal out there on the track this weekend. | Lissimore photo
Phil will share the red plate duties with Facciotti this coming weekend as they are tied for first in points. Nicoletti went 2-2 for 2nd OA. | Lissimore photo
Semi-retired local pro rider Liam O'Farrell showed everyone he's still got what it takes to be up front. he took 8-7 for a solid 7th OA. | Lissimore photo
A rough day for Keylan Meston with bike issues causing him to DNF in moto one. He came back swinging in moto two with 19th for 21st OA. | Lissimore photo
CTR rider Eric Jeffery took 18-22 for 20th OA. | Lissimore photo
Cade Clason would muscle his way through the sand for 9-8 to take 9th OA. | Lissimore photo
Your 450 Pro podium with Phil Nicoletti taking second place. | Lissimore photo
See you guys at SDL! | Lissimore photo

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