June 14, 2020

Photos by SwapMotoLive & BrownDogWilson

Round 15 of the Monster Energy Supercross Series and round 5/7 of the post Covid-19 run off in Salt Lake City took place Sunday night.  Broc Tickle, Kyle Chisholm, and Killian Auberson were able to wear something special for round 15 as they debuted the all new Podium Limited Edition Red/White/Blue gear set!  Look for the “official” launch and much more on the gear coming this week! The JGR Factory Suzuki rider of Broc Tickle was able to take a huge step forward in Sundays race.  After breaking his hand just over a week ago Tickle was able to finish an impressive (12th) place in the 450 main event.  The 450 main also saw Kyle Chisholm finishing in (16th) place. In the 250 class Killian Auberson took the top spot for FXR athletes by finishing (15th).  An absolute great run came from Geran Stapleton though! Geran has been nipping at the heals of a 250 main for a while now and on Sunday he was able to do just that.  Geran went on to make his first ever main event and was able to finish in (20th) position.

The series continues Wednesday June 17th, 2020 for round 16 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Broc Tickle was one of our pros to debut the Podium LE gear set. He took the gear to a 12th finish in the 450 main.

Kyle Chisholm in the new Podium LE finished in 16th in the 450 main.

Bubba Pauli in the very popular Black/White Helium Gear!

Geran Stapleton made his first ever 250 main on Sunday!

Killian Auberson took a 15th in the 250 main.

Preston Taylor in his Helium gear.

Richard Taylor in his second ever supercross.

Scotty Wennerstrom / Black and White Helium Gear.

Broc Tickle feeling more at home after his hand injury. 

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