April 17, 2021

Photos by: BrownDogWilson

Round 15 of the Monster Energy Supercross Series took place in Atlanta Georgia and was the last round of 3 held at Atlanta Motor Speedway.  The long lap times and track on the speedway type course played challenging all week long on the riders.  One rider that seemed to prosper was the FXR/Chaparral Honda rider of Coty Schock.  Coty was able to top ten every Atlanta Round and now sits 9th in the 250 West points standings with only one round to go!  Another stand out ride came from the AJE GasGas rider of Derek Kelley.  Kelley had a rough start to the season but seems to of turned it around as of late.  Derek went on to finish 11th in the 250 main event.  Other FXR riders in the 250 main were Cedric Soubeyras in 12th, Garrett Marchbanks in 18th, Jace Owen in 20th, and Chris Blose crashed out of the main in 21st.  Only 2 rounds left in the 2021 series as it heads to Salt Lake City, Utah for Rounds 16 and 17.  Round 16 will be an East Coast 250 Round and Round 17 will be used as a 250 showdown round with the top 20 250 riders from each coast battling it out.  Look for the series to continue next Saturday April 24th, 2021.  

Coty Schock with a 10th place finish in the 250 main.

Coty Schock sits 9th in the 250 points standings.

Derek Kelley turned it up in Atlanta with an 11th place finish.

Cedric Soubeyras was 12th in the 250 main event.

Cedric Soubeyras - AJE GasGas Team

Chris Blose had a rough night in Atlanta.

In the 250 main Chris crashed into another downed rider and was flighted to the hospital shortly after.  Chris's injuries resulted in a broken thumb and some ribs.

Jace Owen finished in 20th at Round 15.

Jace Owen - Club MX Yamaha

Garrett Marchbanks had a rough night resulting in a 18th.

Garrett Marchbanks

Nique Thury

Nathan Augustin made his first 250 night show at Round 15. 

Nathan Augustin - Club MX Yamaha

Cory Carsten

Cheyenne Harmon and Logan Karnow.

Cheyenne Harmon

Freddie Noren has been struggling a bit with an ankle issue.

Henry Miller and pup "Rolls."

Henry Miller

"The Stewarts."

Ronnie Stewart

Joan Cros of the International Supercross Team.

Logan Karnow

Bubba Pauli in the Revo Rust/Gold

Scotty Wennerstrom

It was fun Atlanta!... Next stop Salt Lake City!



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