Round 12 Ironman MX National | Photo Report

Round 12 Ironman MX National | Photo Report

August 28, 2019

Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

We have wrapped things up for the 2019 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross series at Crawfordsville, Indiana. FXR had a very deep field this weekend with 15 riders qualifying. It's been a long tough summer and cracking top ten is a feat in itself and we tip our hat to our athletes who slugged it out this season and achieved or exceeded their goals they had set for themselves. Let's take a look at the final round of the outdoors for this year.

Mike Brown was back in action at Ironman MX for the 125 All-Star race.
An unfortunate chain reaction/pile up found Brownie sandwiched between a downed bike and another bike that had rammed into the back of him. This put him way back in the pack.
Damage control, Brown was able to push back up and took 15th overall.
#812 Luke VonLinger would take 11th overall in the 125 All-Star class.
#916 Jorge Rubalcava
Jerry Robin was wearing the new 2020 Revo White/Purple/Lime kit for Ironman.
Robin would round out his day with a 20-38 for 24th overall.
Nathen LaPorte would take 33-33 for 35th overall.
Carter Gordon finished with 37-40 for 37th overall.
#881 Jerry Lorenz
# 887 Thomas Coluzzi
Henry Miller flying high in his new 2020 Helium Coral/Blue/Hi-Vis kit.
Miller had some solid results at Ironman with 14-13 for 12th overall.
#321 Brad Lionnet
Cade Clason looking sharp all in his 2020 kit...
...he's even rockin' the brand new 2020 6D ATR-2 Race Div helmet for Ironman.
Kody Kamm #535 in his 2020 Helium Coral/Blue/Hi-Vis kit. He would take 40-28 for 36th overall.
Cade Clason digging in hard. He would take 24-25 for 25th overall.
Marshal Weltin would take 26-23 for 24th overall.
Jake Runkles grabbed 25-33 for 31st overall.
Heath Harrison took home 37-37 for 39th overall.
Coty Schock navigating through the roost would take 27-39 for 35th overall.
Kyle Cunningham comes into the outdoor season part way through and still puts on a top performance.
Cunningham takes an impressive 12-12 for 11th overall.
Keylan Meston #403 would take 26-23 for 24th overall.
Josh Osby #70 would take 15-20 for 20th overall.
See you guys next summer!

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