March 16, 2021

Photos by: BrownDogWilson

Round 11 of the Monster Energy Supercross Series took place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas for a special Tuesday night race.  This was the second round of a three race stay in Arlington.  FXR riders came to play for round 11 and we saw an amazing 7 riders in the 250 main and 2 riders in the 450 main!  The Club MX Yamaha rider of Garrett Marchbanks took the top spot for FXR riders and was able to grab a 4th place finish in the 250 main.  With that finish Marchbanks sits 4th in the 250 West points standings and is the only rider in the class to finish with in the top 5 every round so far!  Chris Blose on the AJE GasGas machine rode a great main event as well and finished 8th in the main.  Other FXR athletes in the 250 main event were Coty Schock in 12th, Jace Owen finishing 15th, Nique Thury making his first ever main and in 17th, Cedric Soubeyras in 18th, and Carson Mumford in 19th.  In the 450 class Kyle Chisholm had another great ride and took home a 15th place in the main. Joan Cros also made his first ever 450 main and finished 22nd.  The series continues on Saturday in Arlington, Texas at AT&T stadium on March 20th, 2021.

Garrett Marchbanks has been very consistent in 2021.  He sits 4th in the 250 West points.

Garrett Marchbanks with a 4th place finish in the 250 main.

Chris Blose with another top 10 at round 11. 8th place on the night for Blose.

Coty Schock with another great ride in Texas.

Schock finished 12th in the main and sits 9th in points.

Team FXR Chap. Honda in the Revo red/white/blue at round 11.

Carson Mumford put in in the main and finished 19th.

Cedric Soubeyras 18th place finish in the 250 class.

Nique Thury gave up everything to race in America and at round 11 all his dreams came true by making the 250 main.

Nique Thury won the 250 LCQ

.... and went on to take a 17th place finish in the main.

Jace Owen has a fully torn ACL and still finished 15th in the 250 main.

FXR riders on the gate.

Mr. consistent Kyle Chisholm!

Top 15 for Kyle Chisholm in the 450 main.

Great story with Joan Cros making his first ever 450 main!

Cros finished 22nd in the 450 main.

Ronnie Stewart just missed the 450 main but rode great all day.

Ronnie Stewart

Freddie Noren is riding with a pretty bad broken finger.

Henry Miller had a pretty bad crash in qualifying but remounted for the night show.

Derek Kelley of the AJE GasGas team.

Logan Karnow and Joan Cros

Back in AT&T Stadium on Saturday.  See every there for round 12!

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