Round 10 Daytona Supercross | Photo Report

Round 10 Daytona Supercross | Photo Report

March 13, 2019

by Dawn McClintock
Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

We are winding down the supercross series here with only three East rounds remaining before the big finish at Vegas. We have seen some of our guys switch over from the 250 West program to the 450 class in the East to get more seat time. It's kind of cool to have these 250 guys take on another class and see where they fit in with the 450 pack. The shear speed of this track kept all of us on the edge of our seats as we watched from home. The Daytona track seemed to break down a lot quicker than we have seen in previous years causing it's share of victims to be swallowed up and some put on the injured list. We wish Aaron Plessinger a speedy recovery after his nasty get off will leave him sidelined for a while. Let's take a look at some of the action with our FXR team members from Daytona.

Ronnie Stewart's machine ready to take on Daytona.
SX infield surrounded by an icon of car racing history.
Ronnie Stewart set to clock some fast laps for qualifiers.
Scotty Wennerstrom all dialled in for qualifying.
David Pulley back in action at Daytona.
Joan Cros
Justin Thompson
Bradley Taft and crew.
German rider Uli Stocker.
Justin Thompson pulls a heater and blasts through the sand section.
Henry Miller primed and ready to take on Daytona.
That's some killer custom helmet Henry.
Josh Osby going through the paces for qualifiers.
Kyle Cunningham looking pretty lit in his Helium kit.
Chris Blose
AJ Catanzaro
Justin Starling switching things up and taking his place in the 450 class this weekend.
Joan Cros
David Pulley
Mike Fowler back for more at Daytona.
Then the lights came on at Daytona.
Kyle Cunningham took 7th in his heat.
Bradley Taft would take 13th in his heat race.
Illinois rider Carter Gordon grabbed 18th in his heat.
Josh Osby building on his momentum from last week took 9th in his heat race.
Scotty Wennerstrom would take 19th for his heat.
AJ Catanzaro would take 15th for heat one.
Chris Blose grabbed 10th in his heat.
Josh Osby would round out his night with a solid 8th place finish at Daytona.
Right behind him was Kyle Cunningham taking 9th in the main.
Chris Blose wrapped things up in the main with a 17th.
Justin Starling would take home a 19th in the final. See you guys at Indy!

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