Round 1 Montreal SX | Photo Report

Round 1 Montreal SX | Photo Report

September 18, 2019

Photos by James Lissimore

Back on the Rockstar Triple Crown SX Tour again for this year is the historic Montreal Supercross held in the famed Olympic Stadium. We have had quite a pause in the schedule in Canada since mid-August when the Rockstar Triple Crown MX tour wrapped up in Walton, ON. Montreal has always been a mainstay in the moto calendar and when it was removed a few years back it really left a void in our year of top moto events in Canada to hit. Last year they chose to reboot the supercross and bringing some top-bill US athletes up to add notoriety seemed to help. It sounded like numbers were up from last year so that's a bonus. Everyone seems pretty happy to have it back on the schedule and we hope it will return again next year. Here's a look at some of the two-wheel action from Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec.

One of the cool features of Montreal Supercross is when they bring out the Legends of Montreal SX. Carl Vaillancourt was one of the local legends that hyped up the crowd.
Another pro legend is Quebec's own Marco Dube.
Royal Distributing/FXR/Yamaha Canada boys set to do battle here in Olympic Stadium.
Marco Cannella
Laying down some hot laps in qualifying.
And then there were these two clowns waiting in the wings.
Phil Nicoletti was primed for battle in Montreal.
Game on for Davey Fraser in Montreal.
Davey came out strong and took home 6th overall.
Montreal had it's ups and downs for Jayce Pennington who took 19-3 for 10th overall.
Pennington was on fire in moto 2 and grabbed the holeshot.
Pennington gets his time on the podium and receives the holeshot cheque.
Jamie Powell would finish with 18-16 for 19th overall.
Luke Renzland is back on track after Walton MX National left him sidelined.
Renzland and his wrench Andreas.
Bringing home the win in moto 2 and taking 2nd overall, Luke Renzland knows how to put on a show.
Tyler Gibbs would take 17-14 for 17th overall.
William Crete would take 12-15 for 16th overall.
Marco Cannella and his wrench Cale.
Cannella would take 4-19 for 12th overall.
Luke Renzland with his Big O 2nd place trophy.
Eric Jeffery would finish 12-12-10 for 11th overall.
Cade Clason takes on the Big O in his green machine.
Clason would go 6-6-6 for 5th overall.
Sam Gaynor riding smart and steady here in Montreal.
...and now Deep Thoughts by Sam Gaynor
Gaynor would take 10-10-9 for 10th overall.
Cue for the crowd to go nuts in Olympic Stadium.
Sticking it to the starts, Phil Nicoletti was the holeshot king here in Montreal.
Phil would take 4-2-3 for 4th overall.
Time to grab those holeshot cheques and give a shout out to those crazy Montreal fans.
Another guy who is back on track, Shawn Maffenbeier had time for his shoulder to heal up a bit more before hitting the supercross series opener.
Shawn would take 7-8-8- for 8th overall and look for his results to improve over the next rounds.
See you guys in Quebec City!

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