Novemberkåsan 2019 | Photo Report

Novemberkåsan 2019 | Photo Report

December 3, 2019

by Gjermund Frostad
Photos by Jennie Nilson

There was no win for FXR this year at Novemberkåsan but we had 7 riders in the top 15. Martin Larsson came really close to the podium and was on his game all night. Unfortunately he broke his subframe at one of the last special stages. He rode 8 km in the woods with the broken subframe and was able to change it on time. Incredibly he was still able to finish in 4th place.
Hanna Berzelius took the win in the Women's class and was the only female to finish the race this year.
Anders Eriksson had a little comeback and finished 13th overall and took the win in the Senior class.
There was a total of 160 riders to start this year's race and of that only 44 riders were able to finish.
FXR riders standings were 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13

Watch video footage here.

Martin Larsson at the finish. He doesn't have too much left in him at this point.
Hanna Berzelius
Max Ahlin
Anders Eriksson
Robert Friberg
Richard Alun
Max Ahlin
Anders Eriksson | Marieolson photo

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