MTA 2 Stroke World Championships | Photo Gallery

MTA 2 Stroke World Championships | Photo Gallery

April 3, 2018

Photos by Brown Dog Wilson Glen Helen Raceway in California hosted the World 2 Stroke Championship this past Saturday and it was a sight (and for hardcore moto junkies), surely a sound to behold. A big shout out to FXR rider Tallon LaFountaine who took his well earned place on the podium with a 3rd place finish in the 250 Pro class. Congrats Tallon! Here's a look at some of the action that took place for our FXR athletes who competed.


  1. Zach Bell (Hus)–1-1
  2. Darryn Durham (Yam)–2-2
  3. Talon Lafountaine (KTM)–4-3
  4. Ryan Surratt (Hon)–3-6
  5. Richard Taylor (Suz)–7-8
  6. Dalton Shirey (Hus)–6-9
  7. Dennis Stapleton (KTM)–9-11
  8. Doug Dubach (Yam)–11-10
  9. Justin Jones (Hon)–19-5
  10. Beau Baron (Hon)–12-13
  11. Brian Medeiros (KTM)–14-15
  12. Collin Shiner (Yam)–16-14
  13. Jeremy McCool (Yam)–20-12
  14. Nick Schmidt (Yam)–5-27
  15. Dylan Kappeler (Hon)–17-16
  16. Matt Cerami (Yam)–18-20
  17. Arik Swan (Hon)–8-30
  18. Sean Lipanovich (Hon)–35-4
  19. Brian Begin (Yam)–22-18
  20. Mike Baker (Kaw)–21-19
  21. Jimmy Lea (Yam)–15-25
  22. Mike Brown (Hus)–34-7
  23. Nick Lamberton (Kaw)–23-21
  24. Sean Borkenhagen (Kaw)–10-DNF
  25. Jared Thomas (Kaw)–25-23
  26. Mike Smith (Yam)–27-22
  27. Christian Gardner (Yam)–26-24
  28. Chris Fillmore (KTM)–13-DNF
  29. Dyan Bennett (Yam)–24-28
  30. Eric Jones (Yam)–36-17
  31. Russ Gauley (Hon)–29-26
  32. R.J. Wageman (Suz)–31-29
  33. Billy Lavorci (Yam)–30-31
  34. Ricky Diaz (Hon)–28-DNF
  35. Broc Schoemaker (KTM)–32-DNF
  36. Colton Aeck (Yam)–33-DNF


  1. Robbie Wageman (KTM)–1-1
  2. Carson Carr (KTM)–2-2
  3. Sean Borkenhagen (KTM)–3-4
  4. Colton Aeck (Yam)–5-3
  5. Broc Shoemaker (Yam)–4-5
  6. Robby Schott–8-6
  7. Mitch Anderson (Yam)–9-7
  8. Brian Medeiros (KTM)–6-10
  9. Brent Rouse (Hon)–11-8
  10. Jake Osborne (Hon)–10-12
  11. Dustin Nowak (Yam)–18-9
  12. Cody Whitsett (Kaw)–16-11
  13. Kyle Mace (Yam)–12-15
  14. Bradley Olsen (Yam)–15-14
  15. Kevin Jones (Yam)–17-13
  16. Jake Lyon (Hon)–13-DNF
  17. Brian Begin (Yam)–14-DNF
  18. Matthew Cerami (Hon)–19-DNF

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