August 12, 2020

Photos by Mike Vizer

Loretta Lynn’s 2020 was a great event for FXR at the Amateur National level.  We had championships, podiums, top 10’s, and a ton of riders at the ranch.  FXR set up with Club Mx through the week to help hand out gear to riders and meet up with some great families/riders. FXR showcased some new 2021 gear and set up in a great spot on vendor row next to the Club MX Yamaha semi.  A lot of time was spent interacting with families and riders getting them set for the week at Loretta's.  FXR had a great balance of riders in all classes and saw some great finishes throughout the week! Take a look below and see some of the action that went down at "The Dude Ranch!"

Jayden Clough turned some heads running top 5 consistantly.

Nothing like getting on the podium at Loretta's.

Logan Best was on fire all week and took home two 2nd overalls. 

Brandon Scharer took the +25 Championship.  FXR Athletes swept the podium in the +25 class.

Grayson Porco took the 50cc Shaft class victory.

Carter Schutte 3rd in the pdub class.

Colt Martin 2nd place in the 50cc class

Jesse Wentland grab a moto win in the +25 class early in the week.

Mason Stamp is Club MX's 65cc rider.

Otto Berton with a moto win in College Boy.

Tyler Evans of the Club MX Team.

So much style.

Nathan Augustin had some solid rides in the A classes.

Alecia Goggle on the line.

Brit Gagne ready for battle.

Vonlinger rounded out the +25 podium.

Otto Berton looked good all week.

Anthony Rosemeyer in the A classes.

All Focus.

Mario Lopez

Loretta Lynn's 2020 setup.







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